Orders open for Tesla solar roof, here’s how it can assist electric car sales in India

All-electric cars have not been on the front line in India's automobile industry. They, in fact, are very unpopular owing to lack of infrastructural backing

By: | Updated: May 11, 2017 5:11 PM
The roof tiles will be available in four textures, and will have an infinite warranty on them

Elon Musk's solar roof project is one of his many initiatives under Tesla that promote use of clean energy. Solar roof basically involves incorporating solar cells in roof tiles, so as to obtain a power source that replenishes itself. Tesla and Panasonic produce these solar cells for the tiles at a plant in Buffalo, New York. An idea that had so far been on paper, the solar roof tiles are now available on order. Tesla has developed a glass tile that is far more stronger than traditional terracotta or clay ones and would have a longer life. The company is actually providing an infinite warranty on the solar roof tiles.

Deliveries and installation of these textured glass and smooth tiles options will begin before the end of 2017 in the US, and by next year in the UK and Australia. With these tiles, every house will have its own power source. If the solar cell roof tiles are introduced in India and if the trend catches on, the electric car may also gain some traction in the market. There is so far no official word from Tesla if solar roof tiles will be launched in India, but if and when it does, electric mobility in India stands to benefit from it.

All-electric cars have not been on the front line in India's automobile industry. They, in fact, are very unpopular owing to lack of infrastructural backing. There are no recharge stations in the country, and hence a customer has no reason to invest in one of these. Sure, plug-in electric cars don't come cheap, but running them is actually way cheaper than cars with traditional combustion engines.

However, it is note worthy that majority of India's power supply comes from coal power plants. Hence, if we were to adapt to electric cars, it will actually be an expensive proposition for the country as coal is pricey and an exhaustive source of energy.

Here's the thing, if you had a power supply at your own house, a source that does not invite big bills or rather any bills, you might reconsider bringing home an electric car. Besides the amount required for installation of the solar roof system and perhaps some repairs at times, there is practically no other costs to worry about.

India is still far from setting up charging stations from city to city. But households that tend to maintain two or more cars – one for the city and one for longer trips – will benefit from the solar roof tile. Their city car can very well be an electric vehicle, which would also help in curbing pollution.

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