Odd-Even scheme to return soon in Delhi! What to watch out for

This will be the third time that the Odd-Even scheme will be implemented in Delhi. The same will be implemented from November 4th to November 15th, the winter months and right after Diwali, when pollution levels in Delhi are expected to be at their highest.

By: | Updated: September 13, 2019 1:01 PM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced that the state government is going to implement or rather bring-back the Odd-Even scheme to the national capital. The ruling will be implemented in-between November 4th to November 15th, right after the festival of Diwali. During this period, only emergency vehicles will be exempted. Also, the Odd-Even scheme will not be applicable on leave days. This will be the third time that this scheme will be implemented in Delhi. The period chosen for the implementation of this rule is during the winter months when pollution levels in the National Capital Region are at an all-time high due to crop burning in the neighbouring states.

In addition to this, the chief minister also announced that the state government has come up with a seven-point action plan in order to tackle the pollution as a result of crop burning. These will include distribution of masks, mechanised sweeping of roads, tree plantation, and special plans for 12 pollution hot spots in the city. Under the Odd-Even scheme, the odd and even number vehicles are allowed to ply on alternate days depending upon the date. For instance, on November 4th, all the even number vehicles will be allowed to ply on Delhi roads. While on November 5th, only vehicles, whose registration number ends with an odd digit will be allowed on Delhi roads.

On the mater of the amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, Kejriwal said that Delhi Government will consider reducing the fines if people of the city face inconvenience with the same. He went on to say that the traffic conditions in Delhi have improved after the implementation of the new MV Act. He further went on to say that, going into the future, Delhi will allow vehicle of all fuel categories to ply on its roads.

More details to follow

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