No GPS, no fuel for Govt cars from 1 October: Kejriwal government

Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal, has denied the GAD the two-month extension that they had asked for. Allowing them a month to get the GPS installed or go without government-sponsored fuel

By: | Published: September 11, 2018 11:20 AM

Delhi Government is making a deliberate push towards the installation of GPS in all government vehicles to increase transparency, and, according to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to end the misuse of government vehicles by officials. Last week we reported that the GAD had responded to Kejriwal's initial push to have the GPS installed in all 5000 government-owned and leased vehicles by September, by asking for at least 2 more months. The additional time would go in tendering the devices, setting up a central control room and ensuring due process. Now, having granted half the additional time to the GAD Kejriwal has issued a rejoinder saying that on October 1, vehicles that would not have the GPS device installed would not be allocated the government provided fuel expenses.

Kejriwal’s note to the GAD read that it was not due process but bureaucracy right from the top to the bottom that was impeding the process. The note also mentions that the exercise was aimed at stopping the misuse of government vehicles after it was brought to his notice that some ministers were using up to 6 government cars for official and personal purposes. The new deadline has been set at September 30, with a control room being set up at Delhi Secretariat to monitor and track the use of government vehicles from October 1. Kejriwal's’ note ended with a clear rebuttal of the time-extension saying that he had set a deadline for September 1st and that the deadline had been extended without his approval.

Concurrently, Manoj Parida additional chief secretary (GAD) has asked all secretaries and heads of departments to submit a certificate that they are not using more than one vehicle. He also said that the move has been welcomed by officers considering the fact that it will bring more transparency to the process. Parida has also announced that the devices will be ordered through the government e-mart so as to speed up the process, without having to go through the times-taking process of issuing tenders. 


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