Nissan sells 150 million cars globally: Last 50 million were sold almost twice as quick as the first 100 million

Nissan’s paradigm shift from a focus on Japan to global sales has seen them grow exponentially in the last eleven years.

By: | Published: September 19, 2017 6:01 PM


2017 has seen the Renault-Nissan alliance become the largest Auto manufacturer in the world as far as sales are concerned, and now they have crossed another crucial milestone. They’ve just announced that they have sold over a 150 million vehicles since their inception in 1933. To put in perspective how the passenger car market has grown, it took the company 50 years to sell the first 100 million and then managed to close the next 50 million in as little as eleven years.

When Nissan touched the 100 million mark in 2006, almost 76 million of them had been built in Japan, from there on Nissan pushed their global policy even further. In the last eleven years, accelerated by localisation of production, has seen those figures take a drastic change with the same 76% of the vehicles being manufactured outside of Japan, driven particularly by the participation of US and China.

Meanwhile, in the sub-continent, Nissan is yet to make any sizable impact, whether it be in the luxury segment where they tried with the Teana and the X-trail or in the more consumer-oriented entry segment with the Sunny and the Micra. Unfortunately, despite having relatively competitive products in the space, they haven’t been able to earn the Indian buyers faith. And that is likely to change as Nissan intends to add 8 new products to tackle in Indian Market before 2021. All it takes is one strong product, and we know Nissan has what it takes.

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