Nissan B-SUV unveil Today Live: Nissan B-SUV Price in India, Specs, Features, Mileage, Engine, Color Variants, Images

The new Nissan B-SUV will be unveiled in a short while. It is an important model for the Indian market as it is a compact SUV and will compete with the Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300.

By: | Updated: July 16, 2020 2:40:42 pm

Nissan Magnite compact SUV will launch on 16 july, to compete with Maruti Vitara Brezza, Hyundai Venue, Mahindra XUV300, tata nexon

The Nissan B-SUV live unveil updates will be covered today. Nissan is having the world premiere of its compact B-segment SUV. While this is a world premiere, the car is indeed very very important for the Indian market. It will compete in a very lucrative segment that is currently dominated by the Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSport and the Mahindra XUV300. Manufacturers in this segment have been updating their products in a timely fashion to get upmanship. You get a choice of petrol, diesel, AMT, DCT, manual, torque converter…In fact, in the last couple of years, more and more new automakers are venturing into this segment, with Kia ready with the Sonet and alliance partner Renault with the Kiger (supposed name). Nissan has earlier shown the silhouette of the vehicle and it looks very much promising indeed. However, we have a hunch that this might be closer to a certain Datsun concept that was shown earlier than being a Nissan. If you ask us why, then take a look at the teaser picture. It has redi-Go-like long-ish DRLs, and grille.

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Live Blog

Nissan B-SUV unveil Live: Price in India, Specs, Features, Color Variants


    14:37 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    That's all, folks!

    Thank you for watching the new Nissan Magnite unveil. Hopefully they launch the car soon and in the near future bring out more exciting products. Want to read all the updates about the new Nissan Magnite? Check our launch story 

    14:16 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    This is how the car looks from the rear

    The Nissan Magnite concept has an XUV300-like tall lights. These are LED units as well and are expected to be standard. The scuff plates might be just too conceptish while the dual-tone roof too will be limited to top variants. 

    13:54 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    More photos of Nissan Magnite

    While there are no interior photos at present, here is an image of how the Magnite concept looks. The fog lights might also be LED units while the red tinge on the grille might be a indicator of what lies under the hood. Yes, a turbo petrol engine. 

    13:48 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Did you like the new Nissan Magnite design?

    The new Nissan Magnite looks very appealing, at least in its concept form. If Nissan decides to continue with the same design language for the production model, it will do wonders. Something like it worked for Tata Motors with the Nexon. 

    13:34 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Launch plan?

    Well, Nissan India said that the launch will happen this financial year. So anytime between now to March 31, 2021 will be the guess. Given that the car has been spotted testing very few times in the Indian market and due to the COVID-19 situation forcing Chennai to be in a state of lockdown, production may have been hampered. Perhaps a December 2020 launch seems likely. 

    13:29 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Picture of Nissan Magnite SUV

    The new Nissan Magnite looks very exciting. However, this is a concept and we hope the company carries forward these attractive design elements to the production model. It will be launched this financial year. 

    13:27 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Africa Middle East and India account for AMI

    Yes, that's right! Eight new cars will be launched in these regions collectively. For the Indian market, the one will be the Nissan Magnite, The focus on this car and there will new features as per the executives. 

    13:20 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Nissan India will be on focus and the name is Magnite

    The new Nissan sub-compact SUV will be called Magnite and the concept will be shown in a short while. Nissan wants to do a 360-degree change with this SUV and revive the buying sentiments. 

    13:19 (IST)16 Jul 2020

    This is the new Nissan logo. All new cars now will have this logo.

    This is the new Nissan logo and henceforth all cars will have this logo. 

    13:11 (IST)16 Jul 2020

    Makoto Uchida, the CEO of Nissan Motor Corporation, is now showing the new Nissan logo and along with it, the electric Ariya car. The Ariya is a combination of both an SUV as well as the electric Nissan Leaf car. 

    13:05 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    The live unveil has started

    Nissan AMI chairman, Guillame Cartier, has started the unveil. There are three cars that will be shown. It includes the Nissan Next, B-SUV and the Ariya (electric). 

    12:46 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    How much more will the wait continue?

    Nissan says that in flat 15 minutes from now, the unveil will start. We will be able to add more details to this at that point in time. Stay tuned, don't go anywhere as we will be bringing you all the updates of the Nissan B-SUV nee Magnite. 

    12:36 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Nissan B-SUV features

    It is likely that the Nissan B-SUV will be feature-rich but these are not expected to be segment-topping. Keeping the price in mind, the Nissan Magnite might come with a 360-degree camera in the top variants. There will be automatic climate control and a digital instrument console. 

    12:21 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Any images of the Nissan B-SUV?

    These are the few teaser images of the Nissan B-SUV that we have right now. Perhaps if we wait for less than an hour more, the unveil will throw some light. Keep watching this blog. 

    12:12 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    What engines will it be coming with?

    While the reveal hasn't happened yet, we think it might be running a 1.0-litre turbocharged, 3-cylinder petrol engine. This could be good for 100hp of power and 160Nm. Sadly though, a diesel engine will not be part of the fare, with Nissan following companies like Maruti Suzuki with a petrol-only policy. 

    12:04 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Why is the Nissan B-SUV coming this late?

    It might be a bit late to the party for sure. However, it will make up for the lost time. The Nissan Magnite is likely to carve space in the hearts of buyers if the company prices it right, specs it with useful features and has a powerful powertrain to go along with. An automatic transmission will be a boon. 

    11:48 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Where can I watch the live launch?

    Nissan will be streaming the proceedings live on its Youtube channel. Usually, this could have been something that would have gone through the rigamarole of a proper unveil session and perhaps visible to the audience through a streaming link. Given the present situation, we expect all unveils, like the Nissan B-SUV, to be similar in nature. 

    11:40 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Who does the Nissan B-SUV compete with?

    The new Nissan B-SUV or Magnite will enter a very competitive space. This is the compact SUV segment. It boasts stalwarts like the Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSport, Mahindra XUV300, Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza and Hyundai Venue. Will it be able to carve space for itself? Only time will tell. 

    11:34 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Nissan B-SUV name!

    While there is officially no confirmation, a couple of teaser videos and the fact that this name has been registered by the company in India shows that it could be called Nissan Magnite. The Nissan Magnite is what is being even told to us by a few sources in the know. Do you like the name?

    11:27 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Expected price bracket?

    Given that the Nissan B-SUV will be a compact vehicle, the price should be less than Rs 10 lakh. The starting variant should be priced around Rs 6 lakh while the top-end version might nudge the Rs 8 lakh point. Competitive, enough?

    11:18 (IST)16 Jul 2020
    Greetings to the live launch updates of the new Nissan B-SUV

    The Nissan B-SUV is a compact car. It has been in development from quite some time. A bit of trivia here. While the design of the SUV was done primarily in Japan, as early as last year, the Indian engineers went abroad and suggested a few India-specific changes. These are said to have been incorporated into the car.