New Traffic Rules: Special Transport Enforcement Cars to check your car’s emission levels on the spot

New 27 Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs will be a part of the new Special Transport Enforcement Cars that will check and monitor the emission from vehicles on the spot.

By: | Updated: October 30, 2018 3:25 PM
Special Transport Enforcement Cars

In a bid to curb air pollution, the government is all set to roll out Special Transport Enforcement Cars that will check and monitor the emission from vehicles on the spot. This initiative is headed by the Secretary Power and Commissioner of Transport Department which will see 27 Toyota Innova Crysta MPVs plying on Delhi roads with the real-time emission monitoring system. Currently, as per Delhi Traffic Police, any vehicle without a valid PUC certificate is eligible for a fine under section 115 CMVR/ 190(2) MV Act to up to Rs 2000 and the car can also be compoundable.

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Varsha Joshi, IAS, Secretary Power & Commissioner of Transport, GNCT Delhi tweeted said, "Coming soon on a road near you- 27 of these gorgeous new Transport Enforcement vehicles, substantially adding to our capacity. Admire them, but make sure you don't get hauled up by them for no PUC or visible pollution! Get a servicing done and your PUC renewed, if needed, today!"

These specially designed Toyota Innova Crysta will further boost the team to crackdown against heavy pollution vehicles and many old diesel-powered cars and SUVs will be the first to face a charge for emitting pollution. Many did question why to use a vehicle made by Japanese automaker against the likes of Force Motors, Tata Motors and Mahindra. As much as the Toyota Innova Crysta is made in India the Twiiteratis just needed a reason to argue just for the sake of it against Varsha Joshi. She further said that "Be that as it may, we don't intend to get shamed, we intend to improve pollution compliance within Delhi, for which the cost of acquiring these is a pittance."

Varsha's goal is also to improve the last mile connectivity and did ask Anand Mahindra for a low floor, disabled friendly small electric minibus/ maxi-cab vehicles (12 seaters) for last mile connectivity in Delhi!

To this Anand Mahindra did suggest the Mahindra e-Supro electric offering as the last-mile connectivity solution. Varsha further wants the e-Supro to be disabled friendly and also small-operator friendly with company-led financing or buyback schemes. The new Transport Enforcement Vehicles will further keep the rising vehicle pollution in check and on the spot fine will ensure everyone opting for a PUC check immediately.

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