New MG Comet vs Citroen eC3 comparison

How does the new MG Comet compare against the Citroen eC3? Here’s a detailed comparison.

mg comet vs citroen ec3 comparison

Small electric cars are slowly gaining momentum with the Tata Tiago EV, the Citroen eC3, and now, the MG Comet EV. All three electric cars are different, however, they share one commonality and that is to be compact and city-friendly.

We have already seen how the new MG Comet electric car compares to the Tata Tiago EV, and now, let’s see how the new Comet electric car compares to the Citroen eC3 in terms of design, features, range, and practicality.

MG Comet vs Citroen eC3 – Design and platform

mg comet

Starting with the MG Comet, the compact electric car is based on a GSEV platform, a dedicated platform for EVs which is not derived from or is shared with any ICE engines. The platform helps keep the Comet compact from the exterior while offering adequate space for four occupants inside.

The MG features small, 12-inch wheels, a boxy design, rectangular windows, and a large windshield, making it stand out compared to any car currently sold in the Indian market. The MG Comet’s front lip features the DRLs and the rear houses an LED strip are characteristic lines, and the vertically stacked headlights just add to the quirkiness of the Comet.

In Images | Citroen eC3: Electric crossover with 320 km range

The Citroen eC3 on the other hand, features an identical design to its ICE counterpart, including the split headlight design and the upright stance. At first glimpse, one may even mistake the all-electric C3 for the regular C3.

However, upon closer inspection, one will find the charging socket flap above the right front fender. Another difference is that the eC3 sits lower than its ICE counterpart, owing to the placement of batteries on the floor.

Comet vs eC3 – Battery, range, recharging options

The MG Comet is powered by a 17.3kWh battery pack mounted on the floor of the vehicle, which offers a claimed range of 230km. There is a single electric motor that powers the rear axle of the Comet that makes 38bhp and 110Nm of torque. The Comet does not support fast charging and it takes 7 hours to charge from 0 to 100 percent.

mg comet battery and charging

The Citroen eC3 is powered by a larger 29.2kWh battery pack that delivers a claimed range of 320km. The electric motor on the eC3 makes 56bhp and 143Nm of torque, while the all-electric Citroen can be fully charged with a regular charger in a little over 10 hours, or juice up from 10 to 80 percent in 57 minutes with a DC fast charger.

Comparing the two, the MG is true to what the company claims, an urban commuter, while the Citroen offers more practicality with its range and fast charging option to take it on occasional getaways.

Features and equipment

mg comet interior

On the features front, the MG Comet gets dual 10.25-inch displays which act as the infotainment system and the instrument console. The Comet offers wireless smartphone connectivity, LED lighting, connected car tech, over 100 voice commands, and allows the smartphone to be used as the key.

The Citroen eC3 gets a large 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, a black and white instrument panel, LED lighting, and more. In terms of equipment, the MG Comet has a slight advantage over the eC3.

Which should you choose – MG Comet or the Citroen eC3?

citroen eC3 features

There are a few factors to consider before buying either one of the electric cars. Is this going to be the first and primary car? Are you looking for something to commute in the city or occasional highway trips? How much do you travel per day?

Once you have factored in all this, the choice between the MG Comet and the Citroen eC3 becomes easier. The MG Comet is suited for urban commutes and cannot be the only vehicle in your garage. The Citroen eC3 doubles up as both since it offers more space, better range, supports quick charging, and overall, is a more practical vehicle although it costs a bit more than the Comet.

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First published on: 28-04-2023 at 12:08 IST