Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV India Launch Live: Electric SUV price, variants, range, specs, features

Jaguar I-Pace Price in India, 2021 Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV Launch Live Updates: The new Jaguar i-Pace launch live updates are being detailed here and in due course of time, the price, variants, features as well as range-related specs will appear on this page.

By: | Updated: March 23, 2021 1:31:33 pm

After what seems like a considerable delay, Jaguar India will finally launch the new i-Pace SUV in the country. The Jaguar i-Pace is an electric SUV and its bookings started in November last year. The SUV is expected to be priced slightly below the Rs 1 crore mark. It is a CBU and measures 4,682mm in length, is 2,139mm wide, and has a height of 1,565mm. The wheelbase of the Jaguar i-Pace is 2,990mm. This makes it roomier, in paper, than the other compact SUVs we are used to. In fact, even the Fortuner’s wheelbase is shorter by 150mm. Come to think of this, the Jaguar i-Pace specs also reveal that the SUV is a 5-seater and not seven. One look and it shows the sleek design language adopted wherein the car isn’t a traditional SUV in the sense of rugged cladding, bodywork and the likes. There are three variants – S, SE and HSE. The latter is the top dog but the base S also is feature-rich. This and more details about the Jaguar i-Pace in this live blog. Keep an eye for the pricing.

Live Blog

2021 Jaguar I-Pace India Launch Live News: Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV Price in India, Features, Specs, Images, Mileage, Reviews


    13:13 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    That's all folks!

    Thank you for tuning in and watching this live blog 

    12:53 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    If you had the money...

    ...will it be the i-Pace or EQC? Or, will you wait for the Audi E-Tron?

    12:46 (IST)23 Mar 2021

    Yes, the i-Pace is definitely for the well-heeled. In this case, one can also opt for the EQC that has a much substantial road presence and benefits from more dealerships.

    12:26 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Jaguar i-Pace charging times revealed

    12:24 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    First glimpse of the Jaguar i-Pace

    12:19 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Charging safety questions answered

    One can charge the Jaguar i-Pace in the rain

    One can take it to the car wash.

    The car can also wade in depth of 500mm. 

    12:12 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Door handles of the Jaguar i-Pace

    They sit flush and are neatly integrated into the bodywork. 

    12:08 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Benefits for early adopters

    There are many

    Five years service as well as RSA package is complementary. These customers also get 7.4kW AC wallcharger and 8 years/1.6 lakh km battery warranty.

    12:07 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Jaguar i-Pace prices are out!

    Well, the Jaguar i-Pace prices are out. 

    i-Pace S: Rs 1.05 crore

    i-Pace SE: Rs 1.08 crore

    i-Pace HSE: Rs 1.12 crore

    11:58 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Review of the Jaguar i-Pace?

    We were supposed to have a static walkaround of the new Jaguar i-Pace electric car. Unfortunately, due to rising COVID cases, the event or should we say, specifically our slot, got cancelled. However, we will soon get the car for a review, conditions permitting. 

    11:44 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Launch is about to begin in next 15 minutes

    The time is almost here. The Jaguar i-Pace launch is about to start in next 15 minutes

    11:25 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Who is the Jaguar i-Pace for?

    It is naturally for the well-heeled. However, if the company were to make it here, the prices could reduce significantly. Let's say by at least 15 lakh. This should help its adoption more. Mercedes-Benz claims to have sold out all the allotted EQC units and has started its second round. 

    11:11 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Different levels of customisation

    One can customise the vehicle either as a factory or from the dealer. Needless to say, the factory option borders on expensive whereas the dealer fitments have much more variety.

    10:57 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Customisation options?

    Well, there are many. In fact, they are so exhaustive that the prospective owner will spend at least a whole lot of time just mulling over the options. Spoilt for choices, eh!

    10:37 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Colour options?

    There is a lot for the customer to choose from. In fact, it is likely that he/she may have to pre-book the colour as this car is a CBU. Eiger Grey, Fuji White, Caldera Red, Farallon Pearl Black, Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Yulong White, Indus Silver, Caesium Blue, Borasco Grey, Portofino Blue, and Aruba are the colour options with the Jaguar i-Pace electric SUV. 

    10:29 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    JLR is prepared for an EV launch?

    Yes, the delay in the vehicle launch was to make sure everything is all right as and when the model hits the showrooms. 22 JLR showrooms in India have got fast chargers fitted and are prepared to welcome the Jaguar i-Pace electric SUV customers. 

    10:08 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Performance, charging time

    0-100kmph in 4.3 seconds. Using a 100kW fast charger, 0-80 per cent can be charged in just 45 minutes. Using the regular 7kW AC wall box charger, expect a time of more than 10 hours. 

    09:43 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Powertrain of Jaguar i-Pace

    The Jaguar i-Pace boasts a 90kWh battery pack. This one and the electric motors help it makes slightly less than 400hp of power and 696Nm torque. 

    09:28 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Jaguar i-Pace dimensions

    The electric SUV is 4,682mm long, 2,139mm wide, and has a height of 1,565mm. It's wheelbase is 2,990mm

    09:12 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Where does the Jaguar i-Pace fit?

    It should slot in right below the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The EQC currently is the top dog, priced at Rs 1 crore. The Jaguar i-Pace should be the affordable model though its HSE variant might be priced similar to the Merc.

    08:15 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Did you know...

    The Jaguar i-Pace is the fifth electric SUV in India, the highest number of any electrified bodyforms sold here currently. The other four are the Tata Nexon, MG ZS, Hyundai Kona and the Mercedes-Benz EQC. 

    07:37 (IST)23 Mar 2021
    Welcome to the Jaguar i-Pace live blog

    Stop by for all the updates on the Jaguar i-Pace virtual launch that's taking place today.