New Delhi Police interceptors can catch speeding cars and riders without helmet even at night

Here are the top things you need to know about the new interceptors from Delhi Police and some of them are going to leave you surprised!

By: | Updated: June 27, 2017 11:54 AM

In order to curb the deadly and rampant practice of speeding on roads, Delhi Police has introduced a fleet of new interceptors, equipped with laser-based cameras. These humble-looking Maruti Suzuki Ertigas might fool someone into thinking of them as ineffective tools for nabbing speeding vehicles but they couldn't be more wrong. Even someone in a high-performance car cannot escape these new interceptors as they're equipped with the latest surveillance technology that is far ahead of the one used in the present interceptors. Here are the top things you need to know about these new interceptors from Delhi Police and some of them are going to leave you surprised!

High-Speed getaway is no longer possible

The present interceptors, mostly based on the Toyota Innovas and Tata Sumos operate on dated technology, which has many limitations. Over the years, motorists have found out multiple ways to evade prosecution by these Delhi Police vehicles. This is mainly a result of the range that these vehicles can identify number plates from. With the distance presently being around 250 metres only, it's quite easy for motorists to spot the interceptors from a distance and slow down, only to speed past right after crossing them.

The new interceptors though can identify number plates from as close as 25 metres to as far as almost 1 kilometre. This means most speeding cars would already have been booked by the time they spot the interceptor doing its job. The element of surprise had almost worn out from Delhi Police's speed interceptor units but now they're back with a bang.

No one can catch me in the dark! No Sir, now they can

Most motorists, especially regular speed offenders are aware that the present Delhi Police interceptors cannot identify number plates in the dark. Hence, they do not operate in night, giving a free run to speeding vehicles as a result of which many accidents that take place during night occur at high speeds. The new smart vans from Delhi Police though can trace license plates even at night, which will allow them to curb the free run of dangerous speed by motorists during late hours of the night.

Multiple Motorists identifiable at anytime

Present interceptors can only track one vehicle at a time and many people know this weakness and exploit it for their benefit. While multiple vehicles might be exceeding the speed limit in different lanes at one go only one can be identified at a time right now, leaving the others to go free. The new interceptors though will largely address this weakness of the police as they can monitor and track multiple vehicles in different lanes. This means three speeding vehicles in three lanes will be booked for speeding at the same time. This will increase the efficiency of police in catching offenders and booking them under the law.

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I ride a two-wheeler so all this doesn't matter. Well, now it will!

Uptil now, two-wheelers in most cases ride past the speed interceptors as the cops are busy tracking one speeding car at a time. This means two-wheeler user without helmet or triple riding are not caught in most cases at the checkpoint ahead as the cops have their hands full of car drivers. The new interceptors take cars of this problem as well since they can monitor two-wheelers for the above mentioned offences apart from monitoring speeding vehicles.

All said and done, one might still say that just 11 such vehicles might result in a very low-probability of being caught on the roads. This might hold true in some sense but Delhi Police plans to shuffle locations of these smart vans regularly and use them mostly on high-speed roads. In addition, the force might soon add more such vehicles to its fleet, adding to its bite force against habitual offenders. So if you're someone who speeds regularly without the fear of being caught, it's time to reconsider your actions else you might soon find Delhi Police challaning you.

Those of you residing outside Delhi too should watch out for these interceptors as it's only a matter of time that more states will consider inducting such smart vans in order to catch offenders more efficiently.

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