Move Global Mobility Summit 2018 Highlights: PM Modi, Anand Mahindra, Osamu Suzuki, Guenter Butschek speak on transformation of mobility

The Move Summit 2018 will be India's first global mobility summit is underway, all the highlights from speeches the most reputed dignitaries at the Summit and some exclusive images of Vehicles revealed at the summit and tweets from PM Modi at the summit!

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Move Summit 2018: India’s is just minutes away from kicking off its first-ever Global Mobility Summit, MOVE. The stage is set for the Summit to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi. The move summit will also serve as a platform for Narendra Modi to officially kick off the second phase of the FAME Scheme — an initiative by the Indian government to help foster the growth of environmentally friendly mobility — which will look to accelerate the adoption of EVs with incentives and benefits for those who chose to make their commute using eco-friendly vehicles. The summit which will take place over the next two days will look to make Indian cities pollution free and will be addressed by the whos’ who of the Indian auto industry, including Anand Mahindra, Pawan Munjal, Osamu Suzuki and Guenter Butschek. The summit is set to deliberate on five themes, electrification, alternative fuels, reinventing public transport, goods transport and logistics through data analytics. The first of its kind summit will see over 2,200 participants from across the world government, industry, research organisations, academia, think tanks and civil society are expected to attend the event. Live on the grounds of the move summit, this page should have all the information straight from the summit. Stay tuned as India takes the world stage in future, sustainable mobility.


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    13:21 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Maruti Suzuki's First Electric Car Prototype in India

    First look at a Made-In-India Maruti Suzuki Electric prototype with its design inspiration from the Wagon R and StingRay Exclusive: Images of Maruti Suzuki’s first electric car prototype revealed! Launch in 2020

    13:18 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    PM Modi appeals to Indian Entrepreneurs to drive a new breakthrough battery technology

    Increased investments across the spectrum of future mobility will drive the value chain from batteries to  smart charging and finally to electric vehicle manufacturers said PM Modi appealing to Indian entrepreneurs, to deliver breakthrough battery technology 

    13:11 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Maruti Suzuki reveals first working Electric Car prototypes!

    Maruti Suzuki's first electric car said to hit roads in India by 2020, has a lot of resemblance with the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and even shares some styling cues from the Wagon R StingRay. 

    Exclusive: Images of Maruti Suzuki’s first electric car prototype revealed! Launch in 2020

    12:56 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    PM Modi also said that Clean mobility is our most powerful weapon in our fight against Climate Change.

    Clean Mobility powered by Clean Energy is our most powerful weapon in our fight against Climate Change.

    12:50 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Build a template for EVs the world can adopt: PM Modi

    Modi also speaks to the congregation asking that India build a template that the world can adopt when it comes to E-Mobility

    12:47 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Clean Kilometres should be our focus not just clean cars

    PM Modi also mentioned that our focus must go beyond just clean cars but be on clean kilometres that includes vehicles such as scooters, and auto-rikshaws 

    12:40 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    PM Modi outline 7Cs of future Mobility

    While addressing the congregationg, Prime Minister Modi outlines the 7 C of Future mobility, they are: 








    12:38 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Pankaj Munjal of Hero Cycles presented a unique theory on growing GDP

    Mr Munjal cited that almost 34 crore people in India do not even have access to cycles. Saying that even if 10 per cent of this population can be given mobility through cycles, it is estimated that they would grow the GDP by 1 per cent. 

    12:27 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Dr. Goenka of Mahindra addressing Air quality in India

    Air quality a major concern in India. It has to be looked at holistic manner. Vehicles contribute to 20-30% of total aair pollution With new cars coming on, emission norms will become tighter. Population of the cars needs to be monitored, scrappage policy will become very important. EVs, hybrids will play a major role. : DDrGoenka

    12:23 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    MD & CEO Hero Motocorp addresses MOVE

    Huge opportunity comes with challenges. The size of the nation and how vast it is. We need to connect roads with good tech and design. This will help in safety. We need some direction from the government, a roadmap towards electrification says Pawan Munjal, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO of Hero Motocorp.

    12:17 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Maruti Suzuki’s electric car testing to start next month: Here’s when you can drive the first electric Maruti

    Maruti Suzuki to begin testing its first electric vehicle.

    In the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the MOVE Global Mobility Summit, Suzuki Chairman O Suzuki confirmed that Maruti Suzuki will commence the testing of its electric cars starting next month.

    Maruti Suzuki’s electric car testing to start next month: Here’s when you can drive the first electric Maruti

    12:14 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Modi leaves dias, no word on FAME 2 Scheme

    Interestingly as we had expected PM Modi did not speak on the FAME 2 scheme but said the summit is just beginning and a lot is yet to come. 

    12:10 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Modi appeals to youth of India

    He appeals to the young dynamic Indians to drive future mobility solutions, asking them to embrace change and be the leaders of the future.  

    12:03 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    PM Modi says India has an advantage over other countries to implement this change towards EVs

    Modi says that based on the fact that India has fewer cars per capita than other economies with similar strength, thus not having the baggage that has been built on the backs of the private vehicle ownership. 

    He says India is already the 5th largest producers of Solar Energy and the 6th largest producers of renewable energy in the world. India's young digitally capable population will be the major factor in driving a change in mobility. 

    11:54 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Narendra Modi welcomes Delegates to the Move 2018 Global Mobility Summit

    PM Modi says Indian is on the move, India's economy is on the move as the fastest-growing major economy. Modi says 100 smart cities will be the future in India.  Modi says India is now an easier place to do business and says the world is in the process of transformation of mobility.  Mobility that is in-sync with the environment is the future. 

    11:47 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Hyundai India’s big electric vehicle push! Creta-like electric SUV launching next year

    Fresh of the presses, our story on Hyundai Electric Push that became clear at the 2018 Move Summit: Hyundai India’s big electric vehicle push! Creta-like electric SUV launching next year

    Hyundai Kona, Hyundai electric vehicles, MOVE Global Summit,Hyundai

    11:45 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Bhavish Aggarwal of Ola takes the stage

    Aggarwal is the youngest CEO at this summit. He says roads and highways are our "bhagya rekha" (or life force) quoting late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  He says without Ola an additional 3 million vehicles would have been brought to the roads adding to congestion. Aggarwal says that they are looking to transition to Electric Vehicles soon. 

    11:41 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Get yourself heard at the 2018 Move Summit

    Are you ready to plug into the #FutureOfMobility with #EVs?Share your thoughts with us using #GMS2018MOVE: The Global Mobility Summit on 7th and 8th September 2018.

    11:29 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    CEO of Tata Motors Guenter Butschek Speaks

    Guenter Butschek thanks NITI Aayog for organising the summit. He says that India is not only a shining star among the World Economies and will also be a shining example of future mobility. Butschek applauds the government for their clear strategies like Swachh Bharat, Make In India. He aslo speaks positively about advent GST. 

    11:19 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    ABB will bring a groundbreaking technology for fast charging in India

    Earlier in Hannover Messe ABB had unveiled a unique fast charger that will now come to India.  By operating at powers of up to 350 kilowatts, the newest model from ABB, Terra High Power charger, adds up to 200 kilometres of range to an electric vehicle in just 8 minutes. The new charger is ideally suited for use at highway rest stops and petrol stations.

    11:14 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Anand Mahindra ahead of the Move Summit 2018

    Anand Mahindra ahead of the Move Summit 2018: 

    11:11 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Takeshi Uchiyamada of Toyota speaks on hybrid and Electric vehicles

    Uchiyamada Speaks about a 21st-century vehicle as his first challenge; speaking of his idea for the revolutionary hybrid technology as early as 1997 with the Prius. Over the years, Toyota hybrid vehicles have saved more than 94 million tonnes of Carbon emissions. Outlines that hybrid vehicles need no ecosystem but still make a large dent in fuel used and carbon emissions. 

    11:05 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Dr Volkmar Denner of Bosch now takes the dias

    Denner speaks of synthetic fuel to bring ICEs as close to zero emission as possible, advanced safety features and multi-modal mobility. Asks the congregation to look at vehicles that will reduce congestion and drive a movement towards connected mobility! 

    11:00 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Osamu Suzuki Chairman of Suzuki MotorCorp takes the stage

    Suzuki says that Suzuki in collaboration Toyota will launch their first EV in India by 2020 in-line with the Make in India Initiative.  He asks for a good governance such that a sustainable ecosystem for EVs is created.  He ends his speech expressing excitement for EVs to start plying on Indian roads in higher numbers. 

    10:52 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Hyundai Motors outlines four pillars of future mobility

    Hybrid vehicles, Electric Vehicle, Fuel Cell Vehicle and Connected Vehicles will be the four pillars of future mobility. He says Hyundai will launch three EVs in India in the years to come. He says he has been deeply moved by the hospitality of India, a key factor in India becoming a regional Headquarter for Hyundai in India. 

    10:46 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Chung Eui Sun VC of Hyundai India takes the stage at the Move Summit

    VC of Hyundai says that the fourth Industrial revolution is upon us and that we should embrace this change. A change that will move us away from personal mobility to smart and shared mobility. 

    10:43 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Anand Mahindra asks for a single mobility app

    Anand Mahindra takes the stage and says that Mobility is about the joy of the freedom of the mobility. Future generation is changing the way we commute and that we should worry about shared mobility. The railways brought mobility that sowed the seeds of freedom like the railways changed the way India commutes. Questions whether we can have a single app to connect all mobility. He says inclusive multi-modal mobility can outline a way forward. 

    Says app should be called MOVE in honour of this historic summit! 

    10:35 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Amitabh Kant of NITI Aayog kick starts Global Mobility Summit

    Of all the disruptive technologies of our generation, mobility will be the most prevalent, as the world witnesses a shift from conventional Internal combustion to electrically powered vehicles. 

    10:31 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Modi address the gathering

    Speaking to congregation, PM Modi assures that the Summit will shed light on jobs, battery tech, data analytics and policy framework for electric mobility. 

    10:24 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Honda cars showcases electric vehicle range

    Honda Cars showcases it's hybrid and electric range to PM Modi virtually. Honda also showcases it's Mobile Packed World.

    10:19 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    PM Modi visits exhibits

    PM Modi visits exhibits sees Indian made-GPS technology and smart traffic signals. He then heads to the Hyundai Stall where he interacts briefly with Hyundai's global management present at the Summit. The officials present their Electric Car plan. 

    Dr Pawan Goenka of Mahindra & Mahindra explains M&Ms to PM Modi at the Mahindra Exhibit

    10:11 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Narendra Modi Arrives at the Summit

    PM Narendra Modi has just arrived and will be inaugurating the summit in a few minutes. He is expected to announce the second phase of the FAME scheme once proceedings start 

    10:06 (IST)07 Sep 2018
    Narendra Modi on Move Summit 2018

    NITI Aayog has consulted with various state governments over the last few weeks, to ensure that state-specific issues will be addressed to evolve a shared connection, zero emission and inclusive mobility agenda for the future. The morning started with this tweet from PM Modi announcing the summit!