Most underrated SUVs/crossovers in India: Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, Nissan Kicks and more

The list of SUVs here isn't a measure of their capability but in fact is related to the not-so competitive pricing or even the fact that the product in question is old.

By: | Published: August 20, 2019 11:47 AM

It is a known fact that the Indian auto industry is crazy for SUVs. Everywhere, you see people queuing up to buy them. However, not all SUVs are a success in the market. It isn't a belier that the vehicle is incapable. More often than not, it projects that the SUV may have been launched at a wrong time. It could also be that the SUV hasn't been updated and the competition has taken the chance to improve their own offerings. Here are five of these unfortunate SUVs that are very capable however the same doesn't show up in the sales report.

Mahindra TUV300


The TUV300 is one solidly built vehicle. Don't believe us? Take it over non-existent roads or jump it a couple of times. Nothing breaks loose or flaps around. It's a nice spacious vehicle as well. The engine is a refined unit and at the same time decently fuel efficient too. Mahindra has priced it a tad higher at Rs 8.43 lakh, ex-showroom for the base. At this price point, you get a lot of other feature-rich options in the market. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the TUV300 doesn't sell as well as it should.

Renault Captur

The Renault Captur is based on a heavily modified platform of the Duster. Renault projected it as one stylish SUV and it indeed does look nice too. The Duster platform means its sufficiently rugged as well. However, the Captur doesn't have Android Auto or Apple CarPlay capability and this is said to be putting off potential buyers. Moreover, the Captur doesn't come with an automatic transmission. Speaking of which, the Captur runs petrol and diesel engines, borrowed from the Duster. The petrol has a 5-speed manual while the diesel has a 6-speed unit. The petrol engine is relatively smoother but doesn't have top-end performance. Moreover, the top-spec trims have a relatively higher price tag compared to the competition-features parameter. Speaking of which, the prices of the Captur start from Rs 9.5 lakh, ex-showroom.

Nissan Kicks

The Kicks is again based on a slightly modified platform of the Captur. This in turn ensures that the rugged capability is carried over. The Kicks though looks a bit compact compared to the other SUVs in its class. This means that the potential buyer may not like it as in terms of visual mass. The Kicks though has immense potential. It has got all the features that one will expect from a vehicle in this category. In fact, it is one car that offers a 360-degree around view monitor and still undercuts the Hector's price. There are again petrol-diesel engines on offer with the Kicks. However, it doesn't have an automatic option. Nissan is said to be working on a CVT for the petrol. Prices for the Kicks start from Rs 9.55 lakh, ex-showroom.

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross

It can be easily said that India has been waiting for the S-Cross from 2005. That was when news first broke about the S-Cross. The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross came in a good 10 years later. While the initial response to the SUV was good, it fizzled out quickly. Price corrections were done at a later stage as well. However, the lack of a petrol motor as well as the age-old 1.3-litre diesel ensured that the demand wasn't as much as Maruti expected. There was also the 1.6-litre diesel unit but it had a very short powerband and was expensive too. Few issues with the vehicle's rear suspension were reported and these kept buyers away. Maruti, in the facelifted model, ensured that only the 1.3-litre was available. The S-Cross 1.3 Hybrid is very good in terms of fuel efficiency as well as demanded lesser gear changes in traffic. Maruti has priced the S-Cross starting from Rs 8.85 lakh, ex-showroom.

Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson in its third generation avatar resurfaced in India. The first-gen SUV didn't do well primarily because of the higher price tag. The third-gen model in the meanwhile was brought in limited numbers and immediately started commanding a waiting period. Hyundai also introduced a sunroof as well as AWD on the car at a later stage. The Tucson's 184hp diesel motor is supremely refined and so is its 6-speed torque convertor. Unfortunately for Hyundai, the  Mahindra XUV500 with much more off-road credentials was available with seven seats and at a lower price tag. The Tucson though is one of the finest Hyundai SUVs currently in India. Prices start from Rs 18.67 lakh, ex-showroom.


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