Most amazing technologies in cars and bikes: It might look like Sci-Fi but your next car could have these

. Technology is more than just a part of our lives, it’s taken centre stage. The automotive industry is not to be left behind. Check out these weird and wonderful innovations that could soon be manifest in your garage!

By:September 22, 2017 7:17 PM

The 90s are squarely in our rear-view, and automation up ahead, automotive technology has grown exponentially in the last few years. The world is changing, what with the birth of the Internet right up to present day where we can’t talk about a refrigerator without talking about the IOT (Internet of things). Technology is more than just a part of our lives, it’s taken centre stage. The automotive industry is not to be left behind. Here are some of the most innovative tech features we have seen on both concepts and production cars.


Soon buttons will be a thing of the past leading the trend on this one is german auto-merchants BMW, with their ground-breaking Holo Active Touch. It’s basically an extrapolation of the gesture control already available on the BMW 7-series mated to a 3D high definition projector. Wave your hand around and the interactive display will mimic interactions like a physical touch-screen would. It may sound a little familiar if you’ve watched the minority report, on the lines of a heads-up display, except that the image floats in mid-air. The control pad appears next to the steering wheel on the console and can be configured for various finger gestures. Similarly to the 7-series, a roof-mounted camera tracks the position of the driver’s fingertips.

Think car of the future today and you’d probably be thinking of an electric autonomous car, but what would your vanilla commuter look like if it was an electric autonomous. Well, that’s exactly what Honda’s NeuV is all about, getting people acquainted with what could soon be their car. Underpinned by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, or what Honda is calling the “emotion” engine, the boxy shape suggests that Honda has tried to keep it as unimpressive to look at as possible, as is usually the case with vanilla hatchbacks. Meanwhile, on the inside, the science fiction kicks in, with an interior that reacts to its occupants. Honda has hinted that the car will also communicate through the IOT with other vehicles to address congestion.

Audi Matrix Lights

While most of the technology that’s on here is something that one would have to experience in the flesh, Audi’s dedication to light technology has resulted in the-the adaptive Matrix LEDs. The system blanks out areas of the light that is likely to blind oncoming traffic while continually illuminating all other areas in-between and alongside. Automatic traffic sign glare reduction dims the lights over reflective surfaces, which in turn ensures that the driver experiences less glare. This serves as an encore to Audi “Swarm” tail-light concept, although swarm is yet to make it to a production vehicle.


Honda’s Self Balancing Bike

The showstopper and internet breaker straight out of this year’s CES was Honda’s new motorcycle that could stay upright entirely on its own, both while at rest and at low speed. Irrelevant of a rider, the concept will not fall over. Honda is calling this tech Honda Ride Assist, and sees it as a way to help riders keeping their bike up in traffic and tight parking situations What’s even more amazing was that Honda’s Ride Assist doesn’t use gyros or moving weights, the system keeps upright with tiny steering inputs, additionally it allows the bike to lengthen or shorten its wheelbase by automatically adjusting the front fork rake, adding more stability.


Volvo has always been focused on occupants safety, however, their Concept 26 (which will give an idea as to how future Volvos will be ideated) will have modes to maximise the efficiency of whatever you are doing. The Concept 26 has three such driving modes relax,” “drive,” and “create”. In drive mode, the car will minimize distraction, while in relax mode the seats recline and allow the driver to watch videos or TV on a screen attached to the dashboard. The create mode is like an in-between point between relax and drive, allowing the seats to slightly recline.

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