Mitsubishi’s electric Evo to return this month: It’s a crossover and it’s electric but it comes with an inbuilt rally co-driver that will teach you to drive faster

The Evo brand name will return but like the Eclipse it will be a crossover, but it’s still a 4WD performance machine

By: | Updated: October 5, 2017 4:50 PM

The last we heard of Mitsubishi’s evo brand, Mitsubishi has announced that they would do away with the iconic sedan that was born on the World Rally Stage, and that it would ultimately make a return as an SUV. Post the Renault-Nissan alliance plans have changed even further, the namesake of the evo will make its public debut in Tokyo later in October as the e-Evolution concept. It’s shape seems to hint at more of a crossover than an SUV, something that will surely get on the wrong nerves of some more astute evo-fanboys. The CUV like any other good concept has all the common tells, massive wheels, side cameras for 360 FOV, sleek LED lamps and no door handles that we can tell.

Mitsubishi have been on the Crossover warpath and much like when they decided to turn the Eclipse into a crossover. A fact that cause visible pain to JDM fanboys. Now Mitsubishi have upped the ante by toying with the holy grail of Mistu’s everywhere. The evo. Although before you reach for your riot gear, the evo is still being pegged as a performance car. Although with three electric motors on board one is likely to miss the “stustustu” of an evo hitting the limiter.

One of the three electric motors, drives both the front wheel while the other two are sent to each one of the back wheels. The e-Evolution concept will benefit from a 4x4 system with electronic torque vectoring. Mitsubishi also implemented what it calls an Artificial Intelligence system with sensors and cameras that can read what’s happening in front of the car and help the driver while it tackles the traffic.
Apparently, the E-evolution will also come with an inbuilt coach, that provides a driver training programme through the dashboard display and voice dialogue. Mitsubishi say that this new training programme will learn the drivers style and improve his driving with live coaching tips, to ensure he has the most fun in his EV. The E-Evolution will debut on the opening day of the Tokyo Motor Show 2017 on the 25th of October.

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