MG Hector facelift Hinglish commands: All 31 Voice Activation Instructions listed

The MG Hector range has just been updated for the 2021 model-year facelift. While some changes are cosmetic, the Hector has been given some tech upgrades as it now understands English and Hindi voice commands.

MG Hector Facelift Hinglish Commands

The MG Hector 2021 facelift has been launched in India for a starting price of Rs 12.89 lakh (ex-showroom). Additionally, MG Motor India also launched the new Hector Plus 7-Seater model. Subsequently, Hector Plus 6-Seater model has seen a price revision as well. The highest spec Hector on sale is the Hector Plus 6-Seater in the diesel-powered Sharp variant — priced at Rs 19.12 lakh (ex-showroom). The new upgrade to the facelift has empowered the Hector range with a tweak to its styling and a few tech upgrades. But one feature, in particular, we found fascinating in the new Hector includes the upgrade to the MG iSmart connected vehicle feature.

MG Hector Facelift Hinglish Voice Command Feature touchscreen
MG Hector iSmart can understand to Hindi and English commands

The MG Hector facelift’s iSmart connected vehicle system now understands Hinglish (English+Hindi). The Hector’s system was already programmed to understand English voice-activated commands. Now, 31 new Hindi voice commands have been included in the programming to do similar functions. Wake up the system by saying; “Hello MG”, followed by commands in Hindi to perform various automated functions like — open or close the sunroof, change HVAC settings, toggle through the audio or music player, and navigation.

To know how the new Hinglish commands work, watch our walkaround video of the new 2021 MG Hector facelift:

The full list of Hindi and English (Hinglish) voice commands in the new 2021 MG Hector facelift:

1Play radioRadio chalaoRadio चलाओ
2Radio BajaoRadio बजाओ
3Switch on AM/play AMAM  chalaoAM चलाओ
4Play FM radio/play FMFM Bajao/FM बजाओ
5FM ChalaoFM चलाओ
6Next stationAgla Radio Stationअगला Radio स्टेशन
7Previous stationPichla Radio Stationपिछला Radio स्टेशन
8Increase the volume /Volume upVolume badhaoVolume बढ़ाओ
9Volume downVolume Kam KaroVolume कम करो
10Open the sunroofSunroof KholoSunroof खोलो
11Khul Ja Sim Simखुल जा सिम सिम
12Close the sunroof Sunroof Band Kar doSunroof बंद कर दो
13AC on pleaseauto AC onAC on kardoAC ON कर दो
14AC off pleaseauto AC offAC Band Kar doAC बंद कर दो
15Temperature upTemperature badha doTemperature बढ़ा दो 
16Mujhe Thand Lag Rahi hai मुझे ठण्ड लग रही है
17Cool down / Temperature downTemperature kum kar doTemperature कम कर दो
18Mujhe Garmi lag rahi hai मुझे गर्मी लग रही है
19Increase fan speedFan speed badha do Fan Speed बढ़ा दो 
20Decrease fan speedFan Speed Kam Kar doFan Speed कम कर दो
21Next songAgla Gaanaअगला गाना
22Previous songPichla Gaanaपिछला गाना
23Play favourite songMere Waale Gaane Baja doमेरे वाले गाने बजा दो
24Switch to navigationNavigation ChalaoNavigation चलाओ
25Find gas station/petrol pumpPetrol Pump DhundhoPetrol Pump ढूंढो 
26Find hospitalHospital DhundhoHospital ढूंढो 
27Find restaurantRestaraunt DhundhoRestaraunt  ढूंढो  
28Go homeGhar ChaloGhar चलो 
29Go to officeOffice ChaloOffice चलो 
30Kaam Par Chaleकाम पर चले
31Play MusicMusic ChalaoMusic चलाओ

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