Mercedes-Benz vehicles now available with a six year warranty

The german luxury marquee adds an  additional two years on their extended warranty program, as an optional extra

By: | Updated: May 18, 2017 12:40 PM

Owning a Mercedes-Benz comes with a barrage of benefits. One of them being the privilege of driving/or being driven around in one of the world’s most premium car brands. It does come at a cost though. Outside the purview of the standard warranty maintenance costs can go through the roof and burn a hole through even the most substantial wallets in some cases.

Fret not ! The German Automaker has announced a six-year warranty program that it will provide its customers as a value add-on service.  To facilitate the warranty, risks will be managed through a collaboration project between Daimler Financial Services India and Reliance General Insurance. Mercedes will be offering the advantage under the ‘Advanced Assurance Program’ moniker.

Prior to this, owners’ could’ve availed a total warranty period of four years including the  extended warranty.

Mercedes currently come with a standard 3-year warranty programme, the standard two year warranty plus an additional one year warranty courtesy their Star Care programme. The Advanced assurance program will offer coverage after the completion of the standard three year programme.

Previously, Mercedes-Benz owners could only avail a four year warranty. The Advanced Assurance program can be availed of in three separate formats, the 4th year, 4th and 5th year and 6th year. Owner can avail this policy at any time before the standard policy expires. Mercedes also ensure that a customer can exit the package, under the prohibition that the standard warranty has not lapsed.

To further sweeten the deal, Mercedes-Benz has assured that the packages will not come with a kilometer cut off, and thus the mileage on the car will not affect the warranty. Additionally, these programmes can be transferred between owners should the ownership change during the term. This will greatly add incentive to the after-sale value of the vehicle. However, this program will  not be applicable to commercial customers.

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If you are an existing customer or plan to add this package to your existing coverage, Mercedes has added an online calculator to their homepage so customers can avail a quote for their vehicles.

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