Mercedes-AMG E 63S, E 53 India Launch highlights: Price in India, features, variants, specs, images

Mercedes-AMG E 63S, E 53 Price in India, 2021 Mercedes-AMG E-Class Sedan Launch Highlights: The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S will return to the Indian market, but the AMG E 53 with EQ Power will be launched as well making its Indian market debut.

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Mercedes-AMG E 63S, E 53 Price in India, Specs, Features Highlights: With a promise of 15 new products this year, and six already done and dusted with. Mercedes-Benz India will launch two new products today. The Mercedes-AMG E 63S, E 53 are next in line and the prices will be announced today. While it will mark the return of the E 63S model in the Indian market, the new mild-hybrid turbo 6-cylinder E 53 will make its India market debut. The AMG E 63S model will go up against the BMW M5 Competition and the Audi RS7. The E 53 AMG will use a similar powertrain to the GLE 53 AMG which is on sale in India currently. Stay tuned for more updates on both performance sedans as they happen today.

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    13:49 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Thats all folks!

    The live event has ended. Thank you for tuning in. 

    13:31 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG Service Packages

    Both the Mercedes-AMG E 63S and the E 53 models will be offered with service packages. For AMG customers, in areas where AMG Performance Centres are present, Mercedes-Benz India offers dedicated service bays and AMG Academy trained engineers to perform service and repairs on these vehicles. 

    The starting price of the service package for the E 53 4Matic+ is Rs 1,19,300

    The starting price of the service package for the E 63S 4Matic+ is Rs 1,35,200

    13:17 (IST)15 Jul 2021

    Mercedes-Benz India has launched the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ and the Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4Matic+. 

    Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ - Rs 1.02 crore

    Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4Matic+ - Rs 1.7 crore


    13:14 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Personalise your Mercedes-AMG E 63S

    15,000+ combinations for personalisation for customers will be offered with the E 63S to tailor them to their liking.

    13:12 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Limited Slip Differential

    The Mercedes-AMG E 63S with its 4Matic+ system also uses a limited-slip differential allowing for torque vectoring abilities.

    13:09 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG Track Pace

    The E 53 will also mark the debut of the new AMG Track Pace App that acts as your personal race engineer for when you take your AMg to the race track. lPromises Lap times, telemetry data and a lot more, right into your smartphone which is easily sharable.

    13:07 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG E 53 Suspension

    The Mercedes-AMG E 53 will be offered with the AMG Ride Control+ air-suspension set up. 

    13:02 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 Revealed for India

    The Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4Matic+ and the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ have made their India debut

    12:57 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    E 63 Driving modes

    Two rotary dials on the steering wheel allow the driver in the Mercedes-AMG E 63S to change the traction modes and the drive modes of the performance car.

    12:51 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Arjun Maini has joined the chat

    Arjun Maini joins the chat at the launch of the Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 launch. Maini is The first Indian driver to race in the German DTM touring car championship, and is driving for Mercedes-AMG.

    12:44 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG Expansion

    With the expansion of the AMG brand with the AMG 35, 43 and 53 models have allowed new customers to enter the brand and then graduate to the bigger AMG range of cars as well. - Santosh Iyer. Vice President of sales and marketing at Mercedes-Benz India,

    12:41 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Demand for AMG Performance

    Over 125,000+ AMG models were sold by Mercedes Benz worldwide in 2020. Australia, the US, Europe and Korea are the biggest markets for AMG models, but Indian is catching up. Demand for AMG in India grown 3 times and June highest ever demand seen in 2021

    12:39 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-Benz Sales V-Shaped recovery

    In H2 2021, Mercedes-Benz India saw 65% recovery in sales which it claims is due to its new product launches this year. 

    12:37 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Direct to Consumer

    Mercedes-Benz will move to a direct to consumer sales model, as dealerships will be converted to experience centres. 

    12:35 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    MErcedes-Benz India AMG Models

    Mercedes-Benz India will launch a total of seven AMG models in the market in 2021. After the A 35 AMG, GLA 35 AMG, the E 63S and E 55 are next inline for launch today.

    12:25 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 - Wheels and Brakes

    Both the Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 will come with AMG designed 19-inch alloy wheels as standard, but 20-inch wheels are to be offered as options. The carbon ceramic Brakes would likely to also be offered as options.

    12:16 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 - Rear Exterior Styling

    Even from the rear, the styling on both the E 63S (Below) and the E 53 (Above) are quite similar. Both come with a pair of LED Taillamps, quad-LED exhaust outlets and a gloss back finish to the diffusers at the bottom of the rear bumpers.

    12:00 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 - Exterior Styling

    Both models feature all the AMG design traits we are familiar with and share a lot with each other. Both models feature the signature Panamericana grille at the front. The front bumper on the E 53 (top) is quite bold featuring the AMG line design. While the E 63S model (Below), The bumper is more aggressive with more vents which are likely to be used for cooling components. The headlamps on both cars are adaptive LEDswith a single LED eye-brow DRL. The old split headlamp or twin LED has been done away with for The E-Class range, for a new design. 

    11:45 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S and E 53 with MBUX

    Both the AMG E 63S and E 53 models will feature the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) electronic architecture. they will both will offer all the latest infotainment features, connected vehicle technologies and the "Hey Mercedes" Virtual Assistant.

    11:30 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic+ Specs

    Engine: 3.0-litre, inline-6 cylinder turbocharged with EQ Boost 48V mild-hybrid

    Transmission: 9-speed AMG Speedshift Automatic

    Drive: 4Matic+ All-Wheel-Drive

    Power: 435 bhp

    Torque: 520Nm

    EQ Boost: Additional 21hp and 250Nm of torque

    11:17 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4Matic+ Specs

    Engine: 4.0-litre V8 bi-turbo

    Transmission: 9-speed AMG Speedshift automatic

    Drive: 4Matic+ All-Wheel-Drive

    Power: 612hp

    Torque: 850Nm

     0-100km/h Acceleration: 3.4 seconds

    11:04 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG MakE in India?

    The Mercedes-AMG E 63S follows the 'One Man, One Engine' manufacturing philosophy and is solely manufactured at Affalterbach, in Germany. As for the AMG E 53, it is also likely to be a directly imported model through the CBU route as the AMG GLE 53 is as well.

    10:52 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    AMG - Make in India

    At its plant in Chakan, near Pune, Mercedes-Benz India is already assembling three AMG branded products – the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4Matic, the Mercedes-AMG A 35 4Matic and the Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 4Matic.

    10:35 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    15 Model launches in 2021

    Mercedes-Benz India has promised to launch 15 new models in 2021. The German marquee has already successfully launched six models this year. They include the A-Class Limousine, AMG A 35, the new E-Class (on which the new E 63 and E 53 models are based), the new generation GLA-Class, the new-gen S Class, and the Maybach GLS.

    10:29 (IST)15 Jul 2021
    New AMG twins arriving in India Today

    Welcome, today Mercedes-Benz India will launch two new AMG models in the Indian market -- The Mercedes-AMG E 63S 4Matic and the Mercedes-AMG E 53 4Matic . Stay tuned for all the latest updates.