Maruti Suzuki issues service notice for 52,686 new Swifts and Balenos: How to check if your car is affected!

Maruti Suzuki’s service notice will be dealt with through a service campaign beginning on 14th may, the faulty vacuum hose which might be on 52,686 new Swifts and Balenos

By: | Updated: May 8, 2018 12:22 PM

New Maruti Suzuki Swift will launch at Auto Expo 2018 in February

Maruti Suzuki India has announced a service notice for their Baleno and their recently launched all-new Maruti Suzuki Swift. According to a notice on the company website, the service campaign will look to inspect a possible fault in the brake vacuum hose,  As per the notice on the Maruti Suzuki's website, around 52,686 new Swifts and Balenos that have been manufactured between the 1st December 2017 and 16th March 2018 will be covered in this campaign. If your vehicle is one of the affected, you are likely to receive an intimation to bring your vehicle to your designated service centre so the part can be inspected and changed, if faulty.

Thankfully, if your car is one of the affected vehicles, the inspection and replacement will be done free of cost to the customer. Customers of new Swift and Baleno are requested to fill in the chassis number (MBH followed by 14 digits alpha-numeric number) on the computer screen. The chassis number is embossed on the vehicle ID plate and is also on the vehicle invoice/registration documents. If you have not yet been intimated but own cars that have been manufactured around these dates then check out Maruti’s Official page where you can check whether your particular unit is affected or not.

Recalls and Services Notcies,  are far from uncommon these days and in fact, a sign that the company is aware of wear and tear for every part of your car. What will surprise you is just how much detail goes into researching possible service notice reasons, a particular incident that comes to mind is Tesla’s recent recall that focuses on a part of the steering assembly. The recall was issued globally despite the fact that only users in places that receive heavy snowfall where a particular kind of salt was used to clear ice off the road. The recall was carried out globally so as to never affect users incase they were in such a region.

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