Mahindra Marazzo 2018 MPV India Launch Highlights: Introductory Prices start at Rs 9.99 lakh!

Mahindra Marazzo 2018 MPV India Launch Live: Mahindra's new Toyota Innova Crysta rival has been launched. We bring you engine specs, seating, interiors and features that have been revealed at the launch. Watch this space for live updates from the launch of Mahindra newest MPV.

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Mahindra Marazzo 2018 MPV India Launch Live: The Mahindra Marazzo has been launched at a starting price of Rs 9.99 lakh. Find the full price list below or in our launch story.  The Marazzo has taken the spot between the Toyota Innova Crysta and the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. We also know that the Marazzo will have a lot in the form of premium features on the inside as well as a shark-inspired design on the outside. We'll be bringing you everything we hear as we hear it, Scroll down for the latest on the Mahindra Marazzo:


Live Blog

Mahindra Marazzo 2018 MPV India Launch Highlights: Introductory Prices start at Rs 9.99 lakh!

14:53 (IST)03 Sep 2018
2018 Mahindra Marazzo Review

We have driven the new Mahindra Marrazzo in Nasik and our first drive review is already live. Head across to the link below to find out what the Marazzo is like to drive: Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Review

2018 Mahindra Marazzo Review

12:59 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018

That's all from the live launch of the Mahindra Marazzo. Stay tuned to Express Drives as our Review of the Mahindra Marazzo is set to go live at precisely 2 pm IST.  Ronak is driving the car as we speak and will be sharing his insights about how it drives, what kind of features to expect and what the build quality on Mahindra's new car is really like. Later in the day, we will also compare the Mahindra Marazzo to the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Toyota Innova.  Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage. Leave a message in the comments below if there is anything else you'd like to see on Mahindra's new MPV.

12:47 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Bookings

At present Mahindra has a total of 395 outlets in India and says that with the launch of the new Marazzo, 115 dealerships will be ready with the World of SUVs section in their showrooms. The company aims to expand its footprint in India as it intends to take its total count of dealerships to 430 by the end of this year. Bookings were unofficially opened by dealers across the country over a week ago, at the time bookings were being offered at Rs 10,000!

12:35 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Customized Mahindra Marazzo 2018

On the sidelines of the launch, Mahindra has also showcased a customized Mahindra Marazzo with a roof box and a body kit. There are no doubts that this in-house customised Mahindra MPV does look very premium and quite desirable too! 

12:18 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Chassis

The Mahindra Marazzo will have a chassis constructed with  52% high strength steel and will be the launched exclusively with a front wheel drive system. This will be the first of its kind Ladder on Frame Chassis with a front wheel drive system, and to do this Mahindra have used a transverse engine. 

12:03 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo BS-VI (BS6) and Fuel Efficiency

Speaking at the launch Anand Mahindra has confirmed that the Marazzo MPV is already BS-VI compliant, the Marazzo will need to run certain benchmarking validation tests before the vehicles are completely BS-6 ready.  The 1.5-litre diesel motor is likely to be frugal too with a claimed mileage of 17.6 kmpl. 

11:59 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Petrol AMT

Mahindra Marazzo with AMT and a petrol engine to be launched by 2020, says Anand Mahindra speaking at the launch.  He also said that the Marazzo is not aimed at the lion's share of the segment, but to deliver good cars to customers at reasonable prices! 

11:55 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Price starting at Rs 9.99 lakh!

Prices are out, and as we had reported earlier the prices of the Mahindra Marazzo will start under the Rs 10 lakh mark. With introductory prices starting for the base M2 variant at Rs 9.99 lakh.  The M4 variant has been priced at Rs 10.95 lakh ex-showroom, the M6 variant will start at 12.40 lakh and the range-topping M8 variant will be launched at Rs 13.90 lakh. Rs 5000 more for 8seater options will be charged on all variants for the optional 8-seater package. 

11:44 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Variants

The Mahindra Marazzo gets 4 variants and 6-colours! Namely M2, M4, M6, M8!  However, the touch-screen Infotainment system will be available from M4 variant onwards. More premium features like cornering lamp, steering mounted control, emergency control will be available starting with the M6 variant. The range-topping  M8 gets DRLs, android auto, cruise control, rear camera with sensors!

11:40 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Cruise, Control, Eco Mode & Colours

Being a vehicle aimed at touring the Mahindra Marazzo gets cruise control, eco mode, voice control features all of which will contribute towards the Marazzo's abilities as a comfortable tourer.  We can also now, confirm that the Marazzo will be launched in 6 colour options, the image below should give you a good idea of what to expect: 

11:31 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Anand Mahindra takes the Stage at the Marazzo launch:

Anand Mahindra takes centre stage to launch the new Mahindra Marazzo. 

11:29 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Engine Specs

Mahindra Marazzo gets a 1.5L diesel engine with 121Hp and 300 Nm of torque. The engine is mated to a 6-Speed manual gearbox. Mahindra Marazzo also gets an emergency call segment first feature. 

2018 Mahindra Marazzo:

11:23 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Safety Features

In terms of safety, the Mahindra Marazzo meets the upcoming safety norms along with side crash norms, pedestrian and rear crash norms Dual front airbags, rear camera sensors with grids, AVS, ISOFIX Seats, 4-wheels with disc brakes.  Mahindra also claim that the Marazzo will have one of the quietest cabins in the market with cabin noise kept under 43db

11:20 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Shoulder Room and Safety

The Mahindra Marazzo gets 1488mm of shoulder room for the first and second row and 1375mm for the third row,  Mahindra claims that this is more than even the Toyota Innova Crysta. Mahindra has also announced that the Marazzo meets the upcoming safety norms that will come into effect in 2019, for side impact, pedestrian safety and rear impact norms. 

11:10 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018

The stage is set for the Mahindra Marazzo launch and what a stage it is! 

11:05 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo Seating

The Mahindra Marazzo will be sold in two seating layouts, the seven-seater arrangement will be sold as the more premium offering. While the eight-seater will get a bench seat in the middle as well. The Seven seater layout will have captain seats with a modular architecture to allow buyers to choose between seating and cavernous storage space.  The video below should illustrate the idea: 

11:00 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018

Mahindra Marazzo with be manufactured from the company's Nasik plant. The big launch is also happening from this manufacturing facility, stay tuned for more as the launch is set to begin in less than a minute: 

Mahindra Marazzo teaser

10:55 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Features

2018 Mahindra Marazzo MPV: The Shark Inspired Grille takes all the attention in the front of the MPV

Spy pics of the Mahindra Marazzo that we reported last week, gave us an idea of what the MPV will look like once launched. For one, the Marazzo MPV gets LED lamps that share their inspiration with the XUV500, reflecting a Mahindra family design. The LED headlamps are flanked by triangular fog lamps that add a little bit of flavour to the Marrazzo's front end. Although not visible in these images a panoramic rear windshield is bordered by chrome strip at the bottom that gives way to the number plate crevice below it and is flanked by C-shaped LED tail-lamps. Although it is not certain whether these LED taillamps will be a standard fitment or whether they will be offered as an optional extra.

10:48 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo

The excitement around the Mahindra Marazzo has even penetrated the stock market,  with Mahindra shares on sensex are opening at  0.8% higher at ₹973.30!  

10:40 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Launch Video

Mahindra has promised us an exciting launch and posted this video on their official Facebook page on Friday to further the hype around the new MPV ahead of the launch! Watch the video, while more information from the launch venue continues to evolve:

10:35 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Expected Price

This is what the interiors of the Mahindra Marazzo could look like.  Despite all the new features we are just receiving news that the Mahindra is planning to keep the price of the Marazzo much more competitive than we had expected, reports from the launch suggest that Mahindra could price the Marazzo under the Rs 10 lakh mark for the base variant!  This would put it straight in the ring with the Ertiga, and significantly under the Toyota Innova Crysta. For your reference, the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is priced between 6 lakh and 10 lakh, and the Toyota Innova Crysta which is a more premium 14-21 lakh approximately. 

10:28 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Infotainment System

While we wait,  we can also confirm that the new Mahindra Marazzo will have a 7-inch infotainment system that will be compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The infotainment system is likely to be front and centre on a dashboard finished in beige and black to add to the Marazzo's glass room. Steering mounted audio controls are also expected to be added to the MPV to further its premium quotient. All three rows of the Marazzo get roof-mounted AC vents through Mahindra’s new central air conditioning system.

10:21 (IST)03 Sep 2018
Mahindra Marazzo 2018 Engine Specs

Ahead of the launch, we can confirm that the Mahindra Marazzo will be powered by a new 1.5-litre diesel motor, that is likely to make 130 hp and 300 Nm of torque. The engine is likely to be mated to a 6-speed Manual gearbox.  However, the most important thing is that Mahindra says this engine is likely to set the benchmark for Mahindra UVs in India with NVH kept to a minimum so as to further its prowess as a comfortable and silent touring vehicle. The image below shows what Mahindra have done to ensure that the NVH levels on the Marazzo are kept to a minimum.

2018 Mahindra Marazzo:

Mahindra has a total of 395 outlets in India and says that with the launch of the new Marazzo, 115 dealerships will be ready with the World of SUVs philosophy. Also, the company aims to expand its footprint in India as it intends to take its total count of dealerships to 430 by the end of this year.