Mahindra-Ford partnership to build a Hyundai Creta Rival, Ford Aspire Electric and new Ford SUV!

Mahindra and Ford's alliance has a lot of potentials and will focus on the Compact to Sub-Compact range of SUVs, as well as Ford India's first Electric car.

By: | Published: April 1, 2018 10:20 AM


Mahindra and Ford have been in the news over the last few weeks for having combined forces and resources to jointly oversee the production of SUVs and electric vehicles. A partnership that will see the two automotive giants share engines and platforms. New reports now coming out of the joint camps say that the joint venture will see 3 new SUVs, as well as, what can be now confirmed as the electric version of the Ford Figo Aspire, according to a report on Autocar. Interestingly, the report also indicates that 3 out of the five proposed products will be under the sub-four-metre mark. A segment where both have not had a lot of success.But with forces combined this partnership has the potential to be one of the stronger players in the market. Considering the almost exponential growth of this segment, both Ford and Mahindra stand to cash in on this in a big way.

In addition, there will be Mahindra's SsangYong Tivoli (codenamed S201)-based compact SUV which will also wear a Ford badge.  There will be a Hyundai Creta competitor (codenamed B563) to tap the mid-size SUV market, and then Ford’s new C-segment SUV, based on Mahindra’s W601; what is going the next-generation of the  XUV500 that will fit in above Creta. The new W601’s platform will be developed jointly by Mahindra, SsangYong and Ford. To make that less complex, both companies will market these products separately with separate badging as well as have identical bodywork.

The product that is likely to determine the future of this alliance, is, however, the EV that is based on the Ford Aspire platform. Interestingly, according to Autocars’ report, the EVs are likely not to be on the cutting edge of the technology curve. But are likely to be just enough to allow them to bid on the next set of Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) tenders. The first of which has already been won by Tata Motors for 10,000 EVs

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