Madurai man with single-eyed vision gets driving license: Monocular vision now eligible for DL

Following last years notification from the centre that allowed for people with monocular vision to drive cars in India after passing relevant medical tests

By: | Updated: November 29, 2018 4:47 PM

In what might be the first case of its kind, a man with vision in only one eye has been granted a driving license. According to reports on TNN the state of Tamil Nadu, the RTO at Madurai South has granted a driving license after an order for the center was issued permitting the same for people with monocular vision. N J Shirabthinath, a 26 year old from Palanganatham in Madurai, became the first to take advantage of the centers directives after passing his driving test on Monday. Shirabthinath, who lost his vision in an accident at the age of two believed that he could never get his driving license. Until he was presented with the recent order from the center that allowed for people with monocular that came out on 21st November 2017. While the notification said that the driving license would only be granted if the applicant was proved fit after passing certain drivers tests, it was enough to get the test done.

Following, this Shirabnath, filed an RTI to find out whether the application was applicable to the state of Tamil Nadu. Once the state government replied, saying that regional government officers have been asked to issue licenses to people with monocular vision under certain circumstances, he went forward with his application. This was followed by a field of tests that included, the Goldmann perimetry test otherwise known as the visual acuity test. Aside from which, the tests from the centre also mandated that the candidate must have a visual acuity of 6/12. Shirabthinath, underwent the testing process at the Government Rajaji Hospital to get the required medical clearance.

That only left the matter of obtaining a learners license registration and clearing his driving test. After having completed his learning from a Driving school in Tenkasi where Shirabthinath worked as a software professional. Shabarinath passed his driving test on monday and became the first person in the state with monocular vision to gain a driving license.

Source: TNN

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