Love watching Netflix, Amazon Prime while driving? You will soon regret it

Watching videos while driving can now land you in a big trouble. Government plans to double the fine and also seize your driving license.

By: | Published: July 18, 2018 1:26 PM
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Srikant Tripathi (name changed) a 29 year old Chartered Accountant was having a good time in traffic watching the new  Comicstaan show on Amazon Prime while stuck in regular daily traffic. The show was so engaging that his focus was not on the red light and when he heard the honking he quickly accelerated just as the light turned orange and ended up colliding with another SUV. Thankfully, there were no casualties or injuries in this accident, but both the vehicles suffered damages.

Technology is moving ahead at faster pace, from mobile phones to televisions everything is becoming smart but not humans. The convenience a smartphone bring to our daily lives is appreciated, but the use its applications are now becoming a hazard and one of the big concerns to road safety. It all started from talking on mobile phones while driving and now its about watching shows and videos that is risking the lives of people on the road. Moreover, the battle between telecom giants including Jio, Airtel and Vodafone has seen drastic reduction in prices for mobile data (mobile internet) that has allowed streaming videos from anywhere to everywhere possible. Video calling, seamless video streaming on your new 4K resolution phone, Netflix and Amazon Prime offers of free subscription these should a good thing right? Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasing nuisance for road safety and the government now plans a heavy penalty for those caught watching videos while driving.

A senior Government official says that soon there will be norms in place that will enforce strong action against watching videos online. The government might propose to doubling the fine of talking on the phone and seizing the driving license of 6 months (as against 3 months currently). The official also hopes the implementation of this law should be enforced in about 2 months.

“Technology has been developed for convenience and entertainment, smartphones are necessary but not at a risk of breaking a law or putting someone’s life in danger. Reach home and watch the videos, not while driving. We will penalise and be strict about it” said the official.

There is nothing against Netflix, Amazon Prime or any of these new age entertainment source but anything that takes your focus out of driving should be avoided. The primary use of a phone mount was to ensure ease of navigation while driving and not use the mount to watch videos. Infotainment screens in cars and SUVs aim is to not to touch you phone while driving and so Apple Car Play and Android Auto comes handy to access only is required just by voice recognition.

As far as Srikant is concerned, The cost to repair the dent on his car is almost equal to the cost of a good smart television with a year’s subscription of Netflix. But every time he puts one these mobile video streaming app live, all he can think of the dent on his car and the regret of watching videos while driving.

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