Is your car’s ‘check engine’ light on? Ignoring it might cost you a bomb

Don't ignore the warning of your car's 'Check Engine' Light! It might leave you stranded and cost you a lot if ignored.

By: | Published: December 14, 2017 3:15 PM

Everything that's appearing on your car's instrument cluster is important, digital or not, the instrument cluster has been an interactive tool for the driver for a while now and the important of all is the orange coloured, engine-shaped icon that you see once while puting the car's ignition on but if the light persists for a long time that it does indicate that something is wrong under the hood. Ignoring the warning of the 'check engine' light could cost you dearly and could leave you stranded in the middle of no where, or both. The warning issued by the car through the 'check engine' light warns issues ranging from a gas cap that's not shut or tightened properly to some serious issues like failure of catalytic converter. Here are some common problems that put on the check engine light

Sensor failure in cars:

The failure of O2 sensor or the oxygen sensor that measures amount of unburnt O2 in a vehicle's exhaust system is the most frequent issue that's warn to the driver. The sensor faliure will still see the car running even if it needs a replacement but will causemore outflow of fuel than usual. The engine will burn more fuel than usual. If not replaced it is likely that the damage would be extended to other components like the catalytic converter, spark plugs and your vehicle might even fail an emissions test.

Failure of Catalytic Converter:

Catalytic Convertor is a part of the vehicle’s exhaust system and turns the carbon monoxide during the combustion process into carbon dioxide. A fault in the convertor can cause the emission of unclean air and can result in damaging the life cycle of an engine. Regular servicing of your vehicles, ensuring timely oil changes helps in keeping your catalytic converter working properly. If your car only runs short distances then it is advised to take the car out on highway once a while to ensure that the catalytic converter is not clogged up. If you see unusual smoke or hear weird sound coming from the exhaust, do not risk it driving further.

Spark plug wires damaged:

Drop in your engine’s performance or unusual drop in the mileage might be caused due to the bad spark plug wires. The wire’s function is to transfer the energy generated from the coil to the spark plug. The vehicle’s ignition is dependent on these and a bad wire can cause the car not to start as well.

Low quality after market accessories:

An aftermarket accessory from an unauthorized manufacturer can spoil your car. A device like aftermarket alarm, aftermarket music system and also those fancy LED lights can drain your battery and cause short circuit in the car and trigger the check engine light. If it is oon already do have that accessory repaired or replaced entirely by an authorized person/dealer.

The service check light gives an indication that something is up with the vehicle but it takes an expert to tell the actual issue with the vehicle issues explained above are few of many things  that will go wrong with the car. Even a small issue can trigger the light and you will require it to show it to a skilled expert. The light goes on after the problem is occurred so don’t wait for the problem to arise. If you hear, smell, see anything unusual, either fix it or head to a service station.

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