Hyderabad Police arresting parents for letting minors drive is right and why parents are to blame for accidents involving minors

Hyderabad Police also conducted counselling sessions for the parents and the minors to make them understand the dangerous consequences. The move should definitely bring down the number of people driving below 18 years of age on Indian roads.

By: | Published: May 2, 2018 6:51 PM

Hyderabad Police arrested 26 parents who allowed their minors to drive. The cops had to take this action with the increasing number of accidents involving children below 18 years of age. For the welfare of children and their parents, the Hyderabad Police has also created a program. Under this, the counselling sessions are being conducted in order to make the parents and their children aware of the consequences that may arise when one drives before the legal age. There have been multiple cases in the past that have seen minors getting themselves involved in dangerous accidents.

In many of such cases, the people on the roads had to suffer more than the driver and numerous instances saw the loss of life of the innocent. It is important for parents to understand that letting children drive before the legal age limit not only puts the people on the roads in danger but their children at high risk as well.

Individuals of such age have limited knowledge of the traffic rules and last minute decision-making skills are also not trustworthy. Furthermore, these are not able to deal with panic situations maturely and end up putting multiple lives into danger. That said, there is a reason why the minimum age of driving has been decided at 18 years. The aforementioned move is a good one by the Hyderabad Police and we believe that it should be adopted by other states as well in the interest of public safety. Such moves are a big step towards keeping a check on the number of people driving on the roads before 18 years of age.

The move should bring down the number of minors driving significantly. Now, what remains to be seen is if other states too adopt something of this sort.

Image Courtesy: Autoblog

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