Human Horror! Pigs being used as car crash test dummies in China, half dead

According to the researchers, the pigs were used during crash tests as their bodies are quite similar when compared to a human child. That said, the researchers wanted to test and see what impact the crashes can make on multiple human organs. 

By: | Published: December 30, 2019 4:49 PM
Live pigs used as crash test dummies (Image source: The Mind Unleashed)

Very recently, a case study showed pigs being used as crash test dummies in China. Some of the researchers are involved in this inhumane animal testing and the study put light on a test that involved as many as 15 young pigs. These were strapped into car seats for impact testing and were being used as dummies for high-speed simulations. Out of the 15 pigs used, most of these were quite young with ages of just 70 to 80 days before they were put in the tests. During the tests, half of the animals died while some were badly injured and traumatized from the experience. Now, you must be thinking why young pigs were used in the crash tests, right? Well, according to researchers, the animals were used due to the fact that their bodies are quite similar when compared to a human child. That said, the researchers wanted to test and see what impact the crashes can make on multiple human organs.

The scientists behind these experiments claim that they have been compliant with the US guidelines and say that the studies were approved by an ethics committee. However, in the US, it is illegal to use pigs and other animals in such kind of experiments since 1990s. Zachary Toliver from PETA said that despite the existence of sophisticated animal-free models, experimenters continue to fasten abused, frightened animals into car seats and crash them into walls until their bodies are bloody, bruised, and mangled. He added that live pigs are pulverised in these tests, leaving them with broken bones and severe internal injuries before they’re killed and dissected.

He further added that pigs don’t naturally sit up in car seats. Their anatomy is also quite different from that of humans, and hence, the data obtained from these horrific animal experiments aren’t applicable to human car-crash victims. He also stated that the car companies figured out years ago, such kind of experiments are worthless and tell us nothing about a human experience in a car crash.

Such experiments have shown that human cruelty has fallen to a new low. Such tests should be banned on an immediate basis and the ones responsible should be slapped with appropriate penalties in order to put an end to this inhumane behaviour.

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