How ‘Ok! Google’ is helping driving simpler & safer: Now also send messages and set real time location reminders

Make Google Do it, is the tagline, but how what can you make Google do it on your way while you commute, some of the things can really solve lives big problems. Here are our favourites!

By: | Published: May 23, 2018 4:20 PM

Make Google Do it, is what Google really wants us to do, although for someone who makes their commute in self-driven transport the big question really is, what can Google do for us while we are driving that wouldn’t potentially kill us all? The Google Voice Activated assistant started rolling out last year and many of us are still yet to get the hang of what it really can do and what it can not. What is great on Google's part is that they have designed a great interface for driving that’s not really invasive and doesn’t take your eyes or your concentration of the road for too long, something that is almost paramount to driving safely. Overall Making google do it could make your life much easier and your drive less stressful, here’s a list of cool things that googles assistant can do for you while your driving making sure that your attention stays on the road.

Send Text Whatsapp, SMS, Emails and Text messages while driving

Now, this could possibly be the most important thing that Google does, because although we might grimace at the other guy in traffic using his phone. We’ve all been in a position where we’ve sacrificed our own safety so we could quickly drop a text home or to the office to beat the schedule without really stopping. Most of the times this works out but when you consider how much is in the balance, in case something goes wrong, you begin to feel like the phone is best left in its holster until you park. However, if your cell phone is compatible with google assistant you could send texts, WhatsApp messages and even the occasional email without taking your hands off the wheel. All you have to do is say “Ok, Google” or “hey, Google” to power on the assistant. Followed by “Send an emailWhatsAppp/text to XYZ (from your contact list). Google then convert your speech to text and then reads it out to make sure they got it right. From there on you can chose to make changes or send it without ever looking away or taking your hands of the wheel.

What is better is that even when the replies comes, you still don’t have to take your hands of the wheel. You can chose to have google read out the message for you. What is better is that even if you have someone else in the car, google first asks whether you want the message read out to save you from the embarrassing in-car situation.

2. Destination-based reminders

This is one of those things that could potentially change your life, if you like me, tend to arrive home having forgotten the milk or “insert vital grocery item” that you were supposed to pick up from your neighborhood grocers. Geo-fenced reminder are, in that sense a game changer. You set a reminder of things that you need to keep in mind depending on where you are and google reminds you the moment you get there. That’s pretty cool isn’t it? It also saves you from making pointless “mental notes’ on your commute that conveniently leave your mind until five minutes after you need them. To do this start up the Assistant with the usual Okay Google, followed by the command “Set a reminder for when I reach “XYZ” (work/home/friends place) and google will remind you the moment you get that.

3. Live Traffic Updates

Traffic can be annoying even more so when you consider that despite your best efforts to avoid if some random incident ruins your perfectly timed window to make it home touching the least amount of traffic. This is where Google's assistant really helps out. Its estimates your route and uses data from traffic ahead of you to guide you away from traffic and onto the fastest route. This works especially well if you have multiple stops to make and can decide which one you should go to first, Google’s mapping system allows you to pick the shortest route with the least traffic including all your stops.

4. Play Music

All of us love our tunes, the annoying bit is picking your song, finding on your app and then actually playing it. This is one place where Google Assistant can get a little bit strange, sometimes ready your mind a little more than you would usually expect. Just say “Okay, Google” followed by “Play me Music” and more often than not the damn algorithm gets you right in the feels playing that song you didn’t remember but still really want to hear. Go ahead give it a try it might surprise you.

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