Here are some tips to protect your car from rusting

The first thing to do to avoid such a situation is to keep a check on rusting

By: | Updated: March 14, 2017 12:18 AM
Rust is primarily caused by moisture (Image: Autocar) Rust is primarily caused by moisture (Image: Autocar)

To begin with, it is absolutely heart-breaking to see rust on the car, and secondly it can damage the rigidity of the body and the chassis. Reasons that cause rust include aging of the car or if the car has suffered a scratch or dent on the metal body part. Trouble with rust is that it eats through the metal, makes it weak. The first thing to do to avoid such a situation is to keep a check on rusting. Casually, but regularly keep inspecting your vehicle for minor scratches or dents that look like they're developing rust in them.

Rust is primarily caused by moisture. One must inspect bumpers and wheel wells for sludge or mud. While cleaning the car, try using a pressure hose on wheels and wheel wells to clear out dirt. Following are some do-it-yourself tips to prevent rusting on cars:

- To avoid rust, you must keep your car clean. Wash it at regular intervals for remove road grime salts and dirt, so as to prevent corrosion of metal.

- You could also add one table spoon of baking soda to the soap for cleaning the car as this will help prevent rust under wheel wells. Baking soda mixed with soap helps reduce effects of salt.

- Another very effective of keeping rust at bay is car wax. Coat your car with a good wax, this will repel water and will act as a protection for the paint.

- If there is a lot of rust visible, even it out with fine sandpaper, and have it spray painted at a workshop.

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