Here are 10 driving songs that every car lover must have!

Great music can liven up moods, make the distance feel short, create quality family time, initiate driving games, make driving a pleasure

By: | Updated: April 8, 2017 10:04 PM

Driving for leisure is now rarer than it used to be. Now, it's mostly noisy streets, angry drivers and if you happen to ding your car, there's the mandatory heated argument. Driving is capable of being a stress booster, but if done right it can also be a stress reliever. Such kind of driving mostly involves being without an objective or a 'particular place to go' (rings a bell?) At times, load up your family or your girl/boyfriend or friends in your car and go for a spin in the outskirts of the city, and don't forget to carry you favourite songs on a pen drive or your phone (because of course CDs are passe).

For you to draw some inspiration, we've gotten together a list of some of the greatest driving songs. However, picking a favourite is absolutely a personal choice. The Queen of England could bestow a song with the knighthood of being the best in the world, but your opinion may differ. Hence, we will refrain from numbering them.

And we begin with letting the bat of hell. Meatloaf's 'Bat out of hell' was a hot favourite in 1977 and continues to be a rage on almost all lists of driving songs ever made, with a go faster feeling in every beat.

'Don't stop me now' was one of the many record smashing hits by Queen. The band said they would 'rock you' and yes sir, they did. A neuroscientist actually confirmed that this particular song had a scientifically proven feel good effect on listeners owing to its positive lyrics and other factors.

Golden Earring's 'Radar love' is all about driving. Not sure what the lyricist meant by radar love, but this song makes a great playback for cruising speeds. It actually encourages relaxed driving - “No more speed, I'm almost there.. gotta keep cool now, gotta take care..”

No list of driving songs can be complete with the 'Highway to hell' by AC/DC. You can sing along with this one a hundred times. It is powerful, joyous and most of all it is Rock 'n Roll!

The very classic and the very upbeat 'No particular place to go' by Chuck Berry was released in 1964, and is still an anthem for a young couple taking a long drive.

List of classic songs could just keep going on and on, but here's a couple of tracks from the newer generation. 'Nighcall' by Kavinsky was the lead soundtrack for the film starring Ryan Gosling 'Drive' which was about a young man's life mostly revolving around, you guessed it right, driving.

The only song in this list with the relevant word in it – 'Drive' by Incubus. It's about how the man's life is being driven by life, the circumstances and situations, and how he realises he 'should be the one behind the wheel'. Feeling philosophical yet?

While, the above songs are fantastic for driving routines, but do not be afraid, we haven't forgotten Bollywood's contribution. A list of the driving songs that is made in India is likely to have these songs.

'Dil chahta hai' had become an anthem for all road trips in India when this film was released. It is because of the three friends in this film that every young person in India wanted to do a road trip from Mumbai to Goa with their friends.

The film Swades was a great travelling film, and a hitchhiker who sings 'Yuhi chala chal rahi' was a pleasant addition.

Zindagi ek safar hai suhana by Kishore Kumar was a peppy song that compares life to a pleasant journey.

Great music can liven up moods, make the distance feel short, provide opportunities for social bonding, create quality family time, initiate driving games, make driving a pleasure. So, buckle up, play your favourite tunes and sing along for good times!

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