Happy Holi: 5 tips on protecting your car during the festival of colours

Tips to protect your car during Holi. Here are 5 easy tips to protect your car during the Holi festive season.

holi car care tips

India celebrates numerous festivals and one of them is the festival of colours, Holi. People, regardless of their job, age, and gender gather to celebrate Holi and part of this is to play with colours. This is all good, but lingering deep in the mind for many is how to protect their cars during the festive season, especially from miscreants.

Here are five ways of protecting your car during the Holi season to keep your priced possession safe and in its original colour.

Cover you car

The most simple way of protecting your car during Holi is to cover it. Most carmakers offer covers for their vehicles, so just look in the boot. If not, car covers are available at most car accessory stores and dealerships. Get one as soon as possible and keep your car under wraps.

Give it a wax or Teflon coating

A protective layer over the car’s surface helps, be it in the form of a wax coating or Teflon. Wax coating can be done at home and when either of these coatings is done, it does not let water or particles stick to the paint surface of your car. If colours do stick, a good wash can clean the colours away.

Keep windows rolled up

There are many ways to clean the exterior of the car, however, cleaning the interior is difficult. The best way to avoid this is to keep your windows rolled up. The seat upholstery, especially if it’s fabric, can be stained easily, and any light colours in the interior of the car will also have marks.

Keep towels in the car

If you are driving back home after celebrations, ensure you clean yourself as much as possible before getting into your car. Keep towels in the car as they can help you clean up, or be spread on the seat before you sit to safeguard the seats.

Just leave the car at home

The easiest way to keep your car safe during Holi celebrations is to leave your car at home, covered. It’s the most simple and easiest way to protect your car, as many miscreants use permanent colours just for the fun of it. This can leave stains, if not, even damage your vehicle, so just leave your car at home.

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First published on: 07-03-2023 at 13:44 IST
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