Gujarat, Uttarakhand and more to slash penalties: Motor Vehicles Act implementation status of 17 states

Many states are not happy with the steep fines, some states have put the new rules on hold after implementation following protetsts from the public and trade unions.

By: | Updated: September 12, 2019 5:03 PM
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After Gujarat Chief Minister announced that the state would implement the amended Motor Vehicles Act, albeit by slashing the rates of fines. Now the state of Uttarakhand has also jumped in on the same wagon with changes to the rates of fines. While a few states have adopted the new Act as it stands, several states are yet to implement them. We list down the implementation status for these states here.

Uttarakhand – Implemented with reduced penalties
On Wednesday, the state government adopted the new Act with changes to the rates of penalties. In Uttarkhand, the penalty for allowing an unauthorised person to drive a vehicle will be Rs 2,500, half of what the Centre proposes. Driving without a license or a minor driving will see a similar penalty. A disqualified driver if found driving will be penalised with a fine of Rs 5,000 as opposed to the proposed Rs 10,000. Using a handheld mobile device while driving according to the Act is a penalty of Rs 5,000, however, in Uttarakhand, it is slashed to Rs 1,000 for the first offence. Causing air or noise pollution sees a fine of just Rs 2,500 in Uttrakhand when compared to Rs 10,000 as proposed by the newly amended MVA. However, for a subsequent offence, the penalty is doubled. According to the amendment, children under the age of 14 must be belted in or protected by a child restraint system else the driver would be charged with a fine of Rs 1,000. In Uttrakhand, the penalty for the same is Rs 200.

The State of Uttrakhand has adopted the penalty for not giving way to emergency vehicles as Rs 5,000, while the centre proposes it should be Rs 10,000. The penalty of driving an uninsured vehicle is the half of what is prescribed by the Centre in the state of Uttarakhand making it Rs 1,000 for two-wheelers and three-wheelers and Rs 2,000 for other vehicles in case of the first offence. The penalty doubles for the repeated offence.

Gujarat – Implemented with reduced penalties
15 traffic violation fines from the recommended MVA have been slashed by 50%, some even to 70% in the state of Gujarat. According to the Chief Minister of the state, the steep penalties are a way of harassment.

Karnataka – Implemented with reduced penalties
Karnataka state adopted the amended MVA on September 3, however, the state government is looking to reduce the penalties.

Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Punjab – Not Implemented
The state of Maharashtra is currently waiting on the opinion of the Law and Judiciary Department before announcing the modified fines. The state government of Madhya Pradesh says that the fine for violations is excessive, and will study other states and implement the new Act with revised penalties. Chhattisgarh currently continues with the older spot fines. In Punjab, older rates are currently being enforced, however, the state will exercise its discretion in implementing some of the provisions form the new Act.

Haryana, Bihar – Fully implemented
The state of Haryana and Bihar have implemented the new act as it stands with the same fines recommended by the amended Motor Vehicles Act. However, the state of Haryana will first launch an awareness campaign on the amended act.

Assam, Tripura – To implement the full act
The northeastern states of Assam and Tripura will adopt the new MVA as it is. While Tripura is currently holding an awareness campaign, the state of Assam will notify by next week after evaluating the details. The state may even introduce additional rules to be applicable in the state.

Odisha - Moratorium for 3 months
On September 9, the state of Odisha relaxed the implementation for the next three months after protest from the public. The state authorities will first counsel the public and have been directed to augment public services, open extra counters, conduct camps in public institutions so as to enable motor vehicle users to update their compliance status. This is to allow for adequate time for the public to ensure compliance of the law.

Kerela – On hold after implementation
Kerela State had implemented the fines, but have stopped collecting the hiked rates after protests from the public and trade unions. The state is said to re-evaluate and may factor Gujarat Government’s decision to reduce the fines.

Uttar Pradesh – Awaiting Notification
Currently, older compounding fines are being collected in the state of UP. The government has not implemented the new Act and is yet to issue a notification of implementation.

UPDATE: The UP government has stated that it is reconsidering the new penalties for breaking traffic rules and may join the growing band of states that find the fines listed in the amended Motor Vehicles Act too high. "In the interest of the people of Uttar Pradesh, the government is reconsidering what and how it should be done," state Transport Minister Ashok Kataria said Thursday. The state will soon take a decision and come out with the rates of penalty.

West Bengal – To not implement
The state has decided not to implement the new MVA as it feels it will burden the people. The state will continue with the existing West Bengal Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 as states that it has given special focus on traffic safety and is working towards reducing accidents.

Rajasthan – Partially Implemented
The state of Rajasthan has decided to partially implement the new Motor Vehicles Act from September 3. The compounding fees for 17 offences has been initially kept low, while the fines for 16 serious offences will be kept high as per the amendments.

Goa - Implement from Jan 2020

The state government of Goa has stated that as a moral responsibility, the government will repair all pothole-ridden roads in the state before adopting the new amended Motor vehicles Act and its steeper fines. The government plans to repair all its roads by December 2019 and implement the new act from January 2020, with a slight reduction in fines wherever allowed as per the Act.

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