Five reasons why one should buy a diesel BS-IV car right now

A BS-VI car will cost more, registration charges are going to go up soon, fuel efficiency is expected to be lower and the discounts are high at the moment

By:Updated: Aug 07, 2019 9:47 AM
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The upcoming BS-VI norms have got everyone in a knot. While manufacturers were given the heads-up months ago, it seems that most of them are still not ready to launch their BS-VI products. Barring a few car makers like Maruti who have got their small car portfolio almost fully converted to BS-VI, the rest are still playing catch-up. Add to this that the industry sales are at an all-time low. The sales figures have been anything but positive. Moreover, the government clamping down on conventional fueled vehicles in favour of the electric ones is arresting the growth further. So, is this the right time to buy a BS-IV car? We list not one, not two but five reasons why you should go right now and book a BS-IV car. Hey, there is no discrimination between petrol or diesel here and neither are we biased towards any one of the fuels.

Stop thinking about the fuel

Yes, you should stop thinking that BS-VI fuel will not work with BS-IV vehicles. It will definitely work. In fact, your BS-IV vehicle might emit less pollutants too owing to the higher standard of BS-VI fuel. It will not damage your engine. We have survived from the BS-III to BS-IV migration successfully. Heck, my 14-year old motorcycle still runs fine with all kinds of additives or even on regular BS-IV fuel. If I intend to keep it running for another few years, I will not worry about what BS-VI fuel will do to it. Instead am chalking out plans on where I will be taking the next trip with my steed.

In short, a BS-IV or in my case, a BS-III vehicle will run just fine on BS-VI fuel. Chill!

Expensive upfront

The switch to BS-VI is going to cost and more often than not, manufacturers will pass on these to the end user – you. It is being said that smaller cars like sub-4m hatchbacks as well as sedans will ditch diesel when the BS-VI switch happens. This is because, the cost of say a Tiago or Swift diesel will go up by at least Rs two lakh. You can buck the trend and opt for a BS-IV version now. The current price difference between a diesel and petrol car is almost a lakh rupees, with the former being the expensive one. Since dealers are desperate to relieve their existing stocks of their BS-IV vehicles at the moment, be assured of some hefty discounts and goodies with your new car. Save that cash and may be if you don’t need it, you can always transfer it to me (wink, wink!).

Extended warranty

A few manufacturers, I hear, are offering extended warranty on their current stock. This is to ensure that customers have peace of mind while buying a new car now. More often than not, there is a question on everyone’s mind as to how the vehicles will be serviced once BS-VI kicks in. Again, did you find any difference at the service centre in getting your 12-year old car serviced? I haven’t and perhaps you too wouldn’t have. Similarly getting spare parts too isn’t an issue. Even after a vehicle is discontinued, a manufacturer ensures that the spare parts are available for the next 10 years at least. In the case of the first-gen or 98 Honda City, the parts are still available.

Resale doldrums

Resale value of your BS-IV vehicles are likely to go down a bit. Just a bit, mind you. Delhi-NCR folks as it is can’t buy used diesel cars which have done more than 10 years of road time, so if you stay here this ain’t applicable for you. If I were in the market for a used car right now, it shouldn’t bug me that the car is BS-IV or III compliant. What matters is the condition of the vehicle or how much more I have to spend to ensure it stays running. When the time for you to sell or scrap the vehicle comes, there shouldn’t be any issues again. In fact, few of the people I know are contemplating buying used BS-IV diesel cars because in the future buying a used BS-VI one will turn out to be expensive. Very expensive. If you don’t believe me, read the second point.

Increased registration charges

Two weeks ago, the government dropped a bomb in the form of increased registration charges. If you are postponing your buying decision, this is a mistake. You will end up paying more than 400 per cent registration charges than what is there now. In short, if you are buying a petrol car, you will end up paying as much as a diesel vehicle. So, beat the changing times and go ahead, buy your favourite car now.

Lower fuel efficiency

The inclusion of cleaner fuel as well as technology not only brings in additional upfront expense to the end user, it also lowers the fuel efficiency of the car. Yes, you read that right. If you don’t believe me, take this example. Before the BS-VI Alto 800 was introduced, its claimed fuel efficiency was 24.7kmpl. However, the new one’s claimed numbers stand at 22.05kmpl. In the daily running, that should be a significant cost difference.  This should make you dash for a car showroom near you right now.

PS: The festive season is almost upon us. Bringing in a new vehicle is considered a symbol of good luck.


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