Five most useful things for your car on Amazon, Flipkart: Must have accessories at cheap prices

Numerous car accessories are available on popular e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal that help in keeping your car new as ever and also enhance the convenience for you. Here we have listed the top five for you in this listicle.

By: | Updated: March 16, 2019 6:49 PM
Must have accessories for your car Must have accessories for your car

Online shopping has its own advantages. Not only you get to choose a product sitting right at your home but can get it delivered at your doorstep too at absolutely no extra cost. You just name a product of your choice and it is available at the e-commerce websites. Car care products and accessories are no different and you can buy these as well at websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and others. Here we have listed the top five useful accessories for your car that not only keep your car's condition no less than brand new but also keep you safe and help in escaping tricky situations at times.

Car Wash Shampoo and Car Wax

Rather than getting your car washed at a service center, you can do the same at your own place that too using good quality products that  are gentle on your vehicle. There are numerous car shampoos in the online market space that can help you keep your car new as ever. Moreover, you can also get yourself car wax that helps in retaining the shine of your car so that it looks brand new even after years of purchase. You can find these products on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal and these are available with prices starting from as low as Rs 170.

Car Covers

A car cover is of utmost importance as it protects your vehicle from sunlight, rain, bad weather and what not. If you park your car outside, then a car cover is a must for your vehicle. There is a large variety of car covers available on e-commerce websites and these are available in different sizes, colours and types. The price of a car cover starts from as low as Rs 400.

Car Purifier

A car purifier helps in keeping the cabin of your car fresh. The pollutants that you find in the air are also present inside your car. Most of the car air purifiers that you see use fans in order to circulate the air through a filter and in some of the cases, they also act as ionizers that help to charge negative oxygen ions to normal levels. You can buy a good quality car purifier from e-commerce websites with prices starting from as low as Rs 2,000.

Portable air compressor

A portable air compressor can help you inflate your car tyre whenever required. This will prevent you from getting stranded on the road. Especially on long distance journeys, it is better to take a tyre inflator with you. You can find multiple portable inflators on e-commerce websites. While some of these are battery operated, you can also find some that run through a USB port. The simplest ones operate with the use of your hand and require physical input.

Mobile Holder

A car mobile holder can offer convenience when you have to use GPS to get directions. You can fit the mobile holder on the dashboard or any place where you find it convenient. These mobile holders can be fixed easily as these come with a sticky rubber pad. The price of a simple car mobile holder starts from anywhere close to Rs 200.

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