First, the Nissan GT-R, now self-driving slippers! Nissan gives us a rare glimpse of their wildside

The Japanese are known for being too organised, for doing things the right way. Taking this emotion forward, Nissan has just introduced slippers that can 'park' on their own. Nissan self-parking slippers are, in fact, being used at a hotel.

By: | Published: January 26, 2018 1:12 PM

Apparently, autonomous cars weren't enough for Nissan at their home ground, Nissan have brought autonomy to a strange playing field. The latest from Nissan's Pro Drive Technology, self-driving slipper. Among other things, that will benefit from Nissan's self-driving tech that will be used at one special inn in Japan.

Nissan Motor Company who have obviously lost the plot, they have now developed a unique system by which slippers park themselves at the entrance of a traditional Japanese inn where, at the push of a button, these autonomous slippers can make their way to guests as they arrive.Each slipper is equipped with two tiny wheels, a motor and sensors to 'drive' across the wooden lobby floor using Nissan's ProPilot Park technology. A similar sort of technology comes fitted with the Nissan Leaf, their latest all-battery electric vehicle. Sensors working in tandem with cameras allow the car to locate and back into parking spots with little to no driver inputs.

The inn which is located in the resort town of Hakone, around 75 kilometres (47 miles) southwest of Tokyo and famed for its view of Mount Fuji. Come March selected guests will be able to experience the technology. "The self-parking slippers are meant to raise awareness of automated driving technologies, and their potential, non-driving applications," Nissan spokesman Nick Maxfield said. Interestingly enough, it's not just slippers that Nissan have integrated with this groundbreaking technology.  Tatami-matted guestrooms feature floor cushions and traditional low tables that also wheel themselves into place.

We assume that this is Nissan's way of introducing the world to technology at a grassroots level. Although we thoroughly doubt that just coz we'd trust our slippers to park themselves, that we would think it's okay for a car to park itself as well!

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