Car tyre maintenance tips – 5 steps for longer tyre life

Here are five quick and easy tips to maintain your car tyres. These steps take a few minutes from you every day or periodically but will ensure that your car tyres have the maximum life.

Car tyre maintenance tips – 5 steps for longer tyre life

Tyres are often underestimated or overlooked. They need more attention as they are the only object that is in constant contact with the road and when tyres are not maintained, it can lead to serious injuries. Even something as simple as ignoring the condition of the tyres can lead to accidents and to prevent such incidents, here are some basic tyre maintenance tips to follow.

Visual inspection

The first and foremost tip is to visually inspect the tyres every morning or before taking the car out. Just notice if things are in order if anything about the tyres looks out of place if there are rocks stuck on the tread, nails in the tyre, any cracks along the sidewalls, etc. If you notice anything, get it checked and rectified immediately.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is an important factor and when visually inspecting the tyres every day, notice the tyre pressure as well. If any of the tyres is running low, it is usually visible. A good rule is to get the tyre pressure checked once a week, and if you are planning on a long trip, get the tyre pressure checked before leaving.

Alignment and balancing

Never miss tyre alignment and balancing schedules because if they’re ignored, tyres can wear out unevenly and can also cause issues in regards to steering and handling. Uneven tyre wear can also lead to loss of traction, while the misaligned tyres themselves can damage suspension components that can lead to an accident.

Tyre rotation

Similar to aligning and balancing the wheels, make sure you don’t miss rotation schedules. The front wheels and rear wheels go through different wear patterns owing to their duties (drive or steer), and periodically rotating them ensures wear on them is even and they last their intended life.


Finally, the usage of the tyre itself determines how long it would last. Burnouts, handbrake slides, and locking the wheels often will reduce their life on them. Also, the type of terrain the vehicle is used on counts so ensure you have the right type of tyres on your vehicle.

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