BMW X5 chops a man’s finger with self-closing door. Man sues BMW in turn: More here

Godwin Boateng was waiting for a friend when his $70,000 BMW X5's self-closing door severed his thumb. Upon reaching the hospital, Boateng was told that his thumb couldn't be saved. After facing a lot of difficulties, Boateng is suing BMW.

By: | Published: March 29, 2018 2:24 PM

Godwin Boateng's dream car turned into one of his worst nightmares when it actively severed his right thumb. He has had to resort to wearing a fake one from magician's kit in its place and of course - to suing BMW. Boateng narrated his disappointment to NYPost saying he had to carry his thumb to the hospital and they obviously said, 'what happened to you?' to which Boateng replied: 'My car door.' The 61-year-old software engineer from Valley Stream, Long Island in the US couldn't have thought of the self-closing door on his BMW X5 would do this to him.

Boateng hoped the doctor could save his thumb but when the doc did take a look at it, all he said was that he was sorry and that the way the thumb had been severed, it couldn't have been sown back.

Godwin BoatengGodwin Boateng (Image: NYPost)

The man then had only one thing left to do - get his lawyer Avi Cohen on the case who called the BMW X5's door nothing short of a 'guillotine' (the ancient devices used by evil kings to severe prisoners' heads).

Boateng was meeting a friend for dinner on July 6, 2016, and had been standing outside the black SUV when he rested his right hand on the driver’s door column, according to his Brooklyn federal suit.

“With the front driver’s door approximately one-foot ajar, the SCAD [Soft Closing Automatic Doors] sensor activated the electric motor, which pulled the driver’s door firmly, and not ‘so softly’ snapped through the flesh, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, musculature and bone structure of Boateng’s right thumb,” his suit says.

Boateng at times wears a fake thumb over his disfigured thumb. (Image: NYPost)Boateng at times wears a fake thumb over his disfigured thumb. (Image: NYPost)

Boateng has had two surgeries since but still has swelling in his right hand. Besides this, he has difficulty in performing daily tasks like buttoning his shirt, typing, tying shoelaces. He also says that the disfigurement of his thumb is affecting his work as well because he feels embarrassed to give presentations.

His suit says BMW knew that SCAD had faulty sensors yet did nothing to correct it or warn customers.A lawyer for BMW declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

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