Aston Martin Rapide E, a 603HP all-electric super saloon showcased in China

Aston Martin with Williams Advanced Engineering have revealed the much awaited electric version of Rapide E set for limited production.

By: | Published: April 16, 2019 4:40 PM

The 2019 Shanghai Motor Show has just witnessed the launch of the first ever all-electric production Aston Martin as the brand revealed the highly anticipated Rapide E.

The Rapide E is based on the current generation model of the Rapide S which is powered by a 6.0 litre V12 engine. Aston Martin has co-developed the electric powertrain for the Rapide E with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) and is said to have a limited production run of just 155 units.

The Rapide E features an 800 Volt electrical architecture battery and the engine system is enclosed in a carbon fibre and Kevlar housing positioned in the same space that is left vacant by the massive V12 engine. The super four-door sedan features two electric motors mounted at each of the rear axles which are powered by a 65 kWh battery pack which develops over 600 horsepower and 950Nm of torque.

Aston Martin claims that the Rapide E is capable of a range 322km as per the WLTP cycle and also features fast charging capabilities. As for performance, Aston Martin claims that the Rapide E will do 0-96 kmph in under four seconds while it takes just 1.5 seconds for it to accelerate from 80-133 kmph. The driver will have three driving modes at their disposal – GT, Sport and Sport+ while the car also features a limited slip differential, and a revised suspension setup with new springs and damper settings.

While the car is based on the current generation Rapide S, the overall silhouette is identical to the standard model. But it does feature some cosmetic changes on the exterior. The front bumper has been tweaked and now resembles an evolutionary design from the latest DBS Superleggera with the larger air intakes. The underbody has also been revised for improved airflow. The rear bumper features a large diffuser while the wheels are designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency wrapped in low rolling-resistance tyres by Pirelli. Aston claims that all the aerodynamic updates allow for an 8% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency. As for the interior, it remains identical in design and layout as the standard car, however, it does get an all-digital instrument cluster for the driver.

Aston has stated that the fully electric Rapide E is capable of a full hot lap of the Nurburgring without any performance loss from the battery.

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