71st Independence Day: PM Modi rides in a British SUV, today owned by an Indian company

Modi ditched the Bimmer for 71st Independence day celebrations and chose to grace the congregation in a Range Rover, a British car now owned by an Indian company

By: | Updated: August 16, 2017 3:37 PM

The prime-minister who’s been using the state issued armoured BMW 7-series since his election decided to ditch the German super-saloon for Independence day, Surprising lakhs of people in the crowds who watched him pull up shotgun in a black Land Rover Range Rover. The thing is the Prime Minister has been pretty faithful to his armoured BMW thus far. Even using the Beemer right up until the first dress-rehearsal for the Independence day festivities. Now, most web news mongers have steered clear as to why the sudden change in vehicles happened. Saying that there have been no confirmations as to whether the change was triggered by security concerns or something entirely different.

Since the web is probably going to be teeming with theories in the next few hour anyway, we took the liberty of coming up with one of our own. Narendra Modi has always been one to make a statement and strong ones at that. It seems like too much of a coincidence that he showed up, on our 71st Independence anniversary in an Indian owned British car. The Range Rover is somewhat a symbol of how far the sub-continent has progressed over the years. From the dark days of colonial exploits, to present day, where we loom over the global political and economic balance going rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful nations in the worlds.

Now, the question is why Modi chose the Range Rover for the occasion and whether it is here to stay. Oh, Range Rover SVO has a new armoured vehicle out, it’s called the Sentinel. Should we be expecting one for our iron fist PM in the near future? Only time will tell. Although in the interest of full-disclosure, we must say that while all these theories look good on paper. The 7-series remains the PMs official car, and we assume that in most cases he doesn’t take calls on what car he rides in. So while we in our tin-foil hats can make oblong theories about the visuals, it might have been no more than a spectacle.


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