7 monsoon care tips for your car

Before the sky bursts into a song and instead of grooving you’re left stranded in the middle of rain-water clogged road, below are some points you should keep a check of –

Driving in Rain

The monsoon season is around the corner and as much as everyone loves a late-night drive with their favourite music and the sound of raindrops hitting the sunroof, this weather demands caution. So before the sky bursts into a song and instead of grooving you’re left stranded in the middle of rainwater clogged road, below are some points you should keep a check of –

Checking / Servicing the Brakes

Especially when the terrain is wet, your car’s brakes are your ultimate saviours and should always be in a fit condition to avoid any accident. Even if your car’s service isn’t due for the next couple of months, a quick visit to the nearest mechanic or service centre will go a long way. Ensure that your car’s brake calipers are not too loose or too tight or else your braking efficiency will be compromised

Check the tyre treads

Maximum number of accidents that take place during the monsoon season are due to a car skidding or aquaplaning. Hence, it is essential to make sure that the tyre tread depth is more than 2mm, or else you will lose grip on the road and it will affect your braking as well. The best way to check your car’s tyre treads is to insert a coin and check if half of the coin is inside the car’s tyre’s treads. Also, make sure the tire pressure is at the proper point.

Checking the Battery & Wiring 

To avoid any short circuits or battery failures and stalling, check your car’s battery health before stepping out in the monsoon. Also, check that all wires and fuse elements are properly insulated. 

Replace Old Wiper Blades

This one is quite obvious and yet, often neglected. Proper and good quality wiper blades are essential for a hassle-free ride in the rain. Afterall, no one likes having their vision compromised, especially on Indian roads. 

Proper and Working lights

This one is for your safety and well as for others safety on the road. Properly functioning headlights, tail-lights, fog lights and turn signals are crucial all year round but they should be given extra attention during the monsoon season. Overcast weather and heavy rains can hamper visibility. Your car’s proper lights will not only make you visible to others on the road, it will illuminate your field of vision too. 


The monsoon season in India is unpredictable and it’s wise to be prepared for everything. It is recommended that one should keep spare components such as fuses, basic tools, high-visibility triangles and a medical kit handy. It wouldn’t hurt to keep an umbrella, dry towel and even a spare change of clothes and shoes in case the rain catches you unprepared.

Cover Your Car

Now if you’re one of the lucky ones who can choose to be indoors and watch it drizzle, make sure to cover your car with a waterproof car cover. Rainwater can harm your car’s expensive paint job and even harm the rubber seals around panels such as the sunroof. 

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