7 driving tips every young driver should know before hitting the road

A brand new generation of drivers arrive on the roads every year, so here some preparation tips before you hit the roads for the first time.

By: | Published: July 18, 2019 6:13 PM

Every year in India, many students graduating from school get their driver’s license. But driving is a big responsibility and here are some tips for people who have just received their license to drive.

Safety First

Seatbelts are mandatory in every car and all modern cars come fitted with it. One should always wear their seat belt at all times while driving in regards to safety and not just the law. It should become a muscle memory; every time you get inside the vehicle, fastening the seatbelt is the first thing you must do. Also encourage your passengers to wear their seat belts, as by law, the driver is responsible if they don’t and it will reflect on your license.

Know your Limits

Every road has its own speed limit, be aware of the limit of the road you are on and if you are not confident at that speed yet, stick to the far left lane as a slow car on the right or middle lane is highly dangerous for you and other vehicles. The right lanes are for overtaking and usually vehicle travel much faster on them.


In India or in any right-hand drive country, overtaking should always be done from the right of the vehicle in front of you. As the driver sits on the right, it is ethical and the law to overtake from the right. Overtaking from the left is more dangerous as the driver is less likely to be aware of what is on his far side. for you and others driving. The right lanes are for overtaking and usually, the cars travel much faster on these lanes.

Changing Lanes

At all times, you are required to indicate before changing lanes. Whether it is left or right, the driver must indicate to let other drivers around know that you intend to pull out of the lane you are in. Most new vehicles come with lane changing indicators which let you click the stalk once which flashes the indicators to light up for a small duration in which you are to maneuverer to the next lane. Never change lanes suddenly, you must know where your trajectory and path is and plan ahead to move over to the side you wish to turn well beforehand. Also, always check your blind spots before you make your move.

Considerate Driving

Always be courteous to other drivers who you share the road with. You must not, under any circumstances, block another vehicle on the road. Use the left lanes if you’re driving slow and don’t take excess space when you park your car. Allow pedestrians to pass before you, especially senior citizens and children. When driving through populated areas, always slow down and be alert for children suddenly crossing the road or senior citizens.

Know Your Car

The more you drive, the better you will get to know how your car behaves in different conditions. Every car has different characteristics that are unique to them and behave differently. Another way to become a better driver is to know how your vehicle works. Ask an experienced person about the different components under the bonnet and their functions. This will allow you to understand how a vehicle works, and should something go wrong, you are aware or able to gauge and troubleshoot the problem and not have to always rely on a mechanic as some issues can be resolved easily by yourself.

Eliminate All Distractions

Anything that takes a driver’s attention from the road is a distraction, and distractions can be dangerous. At the top of the list of dangerous distractions are cell phones, whether they’re used for talking or texting. put the cell phone away while driving. also before you set off, set and adjust your stereo and navigation so that you don’t have to do it while driving.

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