6 great DIY ideas using old car parts: Cool hacks to make your old car junk into useful household stuff!

Some really cool Do-it-yourself ideas for old car parts!

6 great DIY ideas using old car parts: Cool hacks to make your old car junk into useful household stuff!

From time to time, vehicle parts such as tyres, spark plug, disc brakes, handlebar, etc, needs to be replaced as they wear out. The tyres especially are imponderable and every year there are thousands of tyres that get piled up, which are no use to anyone and usually become white elephants around the house/garage. Not just this, when the pile becomes large, people burn them and that is one of the reasons of air pollution and health-related issues. Similarly, other parts of the vehicle when removed is of no use and nor it can be recycled as well as reproduced. Parts like tyres, glasses, used oil filters, aluminium rims, batteries and other plastic materials should never be thrown in a landfill or drained.

In order to save Earth and environment, here are some out of the box ideas to recycle or reuse old automotive parts.


The first things that come to our mind is a swing for your kinds. If you have a pet like a dog or a cat, you can make a bed for them. You can even make a nice ottoman by wrapping some rope and a cushioning to add an antique piece to your living room. If you are automotive enthusiasts, you will love this in your bathroom. Take a round mirror and cover the edges with a cycle tyres. Voila! A new looking mirror in your bathroom. You can paint the tyre with a choice of your or as per your bathroom’s décor. There are many ways by which one can reuse old automotive tyres such as making a planter for your porch, hanging lamps, a table and a subwoofer.

Door handles:

One can use the car door handles in place of missing or broken kitchen cabinet’s handles or bedroom door handle. This will give an all-new book to the drawers and doors. The inside car door handles, on the other hand, can be used to hang keys of your home or other small items in your kitchen like table clothes, pans, spatulas, etc.

Headlamps and tail lamps:

The headlamps can be used as a study lamp for your kids and as a corner or floor lamps to add some different look to the living room. For your kitchen and dining area, one can hang them from the ceiling.

Car seats, suspension and engine:

The car seats can be turned into a sofa and sofa chair. If you have a big balcony or a small garden, the car seats can be used as a swing. The spring suspensions, on the other hand, make a cool book holder, divider or even a nice card and file holder. If you have an engine cylinder, it can make a nice show-piece as well as a wine bottle holder in your small home bar.

Bonnet, pick-up deck and steering wheel:

The car’s bonnet can be turned into a cool bed headboard. Just paint it and add some cushioning or even patterns and design. The steering wheel into a centre table is another cool idea to recycle it. It will make it a perfect centre of attraction next time when you have a cup of coffee in the morning. The deck of a pick-up truck deck can also be turned into a kid’s bed or a pool table.

Front grille, seat belt and license plate:

How about turning the front of a vehicle into a shelve to keep small decorative items? Well, one can also make use of it by storing small spice boxes for your kitchen or makeup. If you remove the entire seat belt kit that includes a hook and a latch. The hook can be used as a keychain while the latch makes it a nice keychain holder. The license plate can be used for birdhouse, alphabet or number key chains, wind chimes and a magazine holder.

There are other automotive parts that can be of any use such as hubcap into a clock, spark plugs into chandelier and motorcycle chain into the photo frame and a basket. Let your creative ideas flow and think out of the box. If you have more such ideas, feel free to share it with us and also do let us know which is your favourite DIY automotive part.

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First published on: 14-10-2017 at 18:39 IST