5 things you should always keep in your car: Emergencies to accidents, the definitive guide to everything that your car needs!

Here's our guide to being absolutely prepared for any emergency for the road, because accidents can happen to anyone at any time! The idea is to be prepared for any eventuality and not have to go all "Bear Grylls"every time you're car breaks down!

By: | Updated: January 13, 2018 7:15 PM

The problem with road accidents is, that whoever’s had one has usually left the house that day, expecting someone else to have one. Meaning therein that in whatever condition they are then they are essentially at the behest of themselves or whatever they have around them. If you’re in the city at rush hour, you’re likely to find someone to give you a hand to get what you need, or if you’re lucky you’d have broken down a few feet from a repairman or at least a place where you can safely park till help arrives. The thing is murphy’s law is never really that kind, and you’re most likely to have something go wrong when you're on your way home after a long-haul at work or, just entering a jungle filled with man-eaters or some such terrifying circumstance. We spend so much time talking about the boot space in our cars and what you can fit in them because they are so big we rarely get a circumstance to ever specify what you should always have in your car ICE (for the squids in the audience that In Case of Emergency). So here is the ultimate guide to everything that you need to have in your trunk or glove compartment to ensure that Murphy and his ridiculous laws don’t get you!

1. WD-40 & Duct Tape: There’s good science to prove the effectiveness of a combination of these two. If the carefully charted flow-chart below doesn’t make sense to you. Nothing ever will. The point is, Duct Tape can be used for a number of minor to major repairs. There’s an old engineering adage that goes “if you can’t stick something together with Duct-Tape; Use more Duct-tape”.WD40, on the other hand, is great at loosening anything, from over-torqued (read: too tight to open) wheel nuts to a sticky throttle or clutch mechanism WD-40 is the thing you need. Refer to the image below:

2. A Jerry can for Fuel, a funnel and a pipe: Run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, because the last gas station was on the other side of the road and you didn’t want to stress the U-turn well, most fuel pumps will no-longer give you gas in a trash rummaged plastic water bottle. Which means you will first have to go looking for a bottle before you can even get the gas that you need. Now, if the gas station is not an option you could look to syphon gas from another vehicle. Ideally, we would suggest a syphon pump but, a pipe can be equally useful. Just look at this example below!

3.Emergency cell phone charger: This one might sound ridiculous, but most times your car breaks down, you end up burning through your cell phone battery trying to get a mechanic or a tow truck or an ambulance. Sometimes all three. While your taking photos of the car for your insurance and, well, Instagram (#blessed, #godiswithme), you know the drill. Also at that very moment, your wife or your mum will call you and spend the next twenty minutes worrying about you on the line. Really the last thing you need is to run out of charge. Like this one, we found on Amazon.in for Rs 1000.(image: amazon.in)

4. Toolkit and Torch: A basic toolkit with a torch is something that you always need to keep in your car. For rudimentary repairs, like reattaching a battery cable. This kit should contain, a basic set of screwdrivers, a set of tube wrench a plier and a hammer (You’d be amazed at how many things can be fixed by generous application of hammer). If you really want to be prepared, throw in a glass-breaker and seatbelt cutter in as well.

5.A First aid kit: This one is not just for you, sometimes a well-stocked first-aid kit could save someone else’ life. But one of the things you should always keep in your car. Plenty to bandage, a spray-on disinfectant, some Relispray, some common medication and an inhaler if you're asthmatic. These are the things you absolutely need to carry and make sure it stays stocked.

This aside, always ensure you have jumper cables (you know, for when you leave the lights on in your car and head up to work), a working spare tyre and basic tyre replacement tools.

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