5 reasons to buy an electric vehicle this festive season: No pollution, saving money and more

Buying an electric vehicle is quite beneficial these days as there is always the lower maintenance proposition, higher resale value equation and less running costs.

By:November 13, 2020 11:45 AM
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The lockdown showed us that working from the environs of home is possible. It also demonstrated the fact that the lesser the amount of fossil-fuelled vehicles on the road, the lower is the pollution rate. All these reasons compel one to go for an electric vehicle. After all, within the next 10-12 years, conventional ICE cars and bikes will be out of the equation and everywhere, people will end up using electric-powered two- and four-wheelers. The infrastructure will be much better then and with evolving technologies, it will be but natural that there could be innovative charging technologies. With buying sentiments at an all-time high during the festive season, here are some of the reasons why you should be buying an electric vehicle now.

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For a sustainable environment


EVs don’t pollute. Not 10, 20 or 80 per cent. There is no pollution involved once the EV is on the road. This could be a major reason for buying one. One needs to carry one document less when using an EV. By this, we are referring to the PUC. At the same time, if you’re in Delhi and are subject to the odd-even rule, an EV is usually exempt from this. Dependence on fossil fuels is also not there and you can forget the long lines at pumps or fluctuating fuel prices.

Lower maintenance cost

For EVs, there is always a nearly no-maintenance rule. There are far fewer moving parts and hence the repair work needed is lower. The main things one needs to replace or look after includes the tyres (perhaps after four years or 40,000km), brake pads (based on usage) and that’s all. The batteries are usually covered under warranty and few manufacturers like MG for the ZS EV, Hyundai for the Kona and Tata with the Nexon EV offer eight years coverage.

Government incentives on EVs

With the government focusing on popularising EVs across the country, there is no better time than now to buy an electric vehicle in India. EV purchases are exempted from certain expenses such as road tax and registration fees, with additional subsidies also added to the mix to further incentivise potential car owners to opt for green mobility. State governments, such as Delhi, have also launched EV policies to offer financial incentives to new electric vehicle owners. Availing of these government schemes can significantly bring down your cost of EV purchase. Few states also offer free parking at malls or government lots for EVs.

Higher resale value

EVs typically have lower wear and tear than the average ICE vehicle for similar usage and offer smoother transmission. With the range anxiety being rapidly addressed by better battery capacities and a fast-growing charging network, used EVs are becoming extremely appealing to consumers looking to try out green mobility for themselves. This has driven up the EV resale value, with experts estimating that newer EV models will retain upwards of 60 per cent of their original value after three years. Few like MG also offer a buyback experience thereby assuring peace of mind.

The experience

With an electric vehicle, one can be assured of a much smoother drive than ICE vehicles. As the entire powertrain torque is immediately available, you don’t experience the lag that comes with changing gears. An EV is also much quieter than a conventional vehicle of comparable horsepower, making it a superlative driving experience in all ways possible. On the go, one can also charge their car through regenerative braking. It is a known fact that EVs love traffic scenarios more than open highways too.




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