2018 Ford Aspire Facelift India Launch Highlights: Prices start at Rs 5.55 lakh ex-showroom India

The new 2018 Ford Aspire facelift will see some significant updates over the outgoing one and will be a better package than before. The car will get a new engine along with tweaks to the exterior and interior due to which it will now take the fight a step closer with its rivals.

By: | Updated: October 4, 2018 1:48:32 pm

Ford Aspire Facelift India Launch Live Update: Ford has launched the new Aspire in India at a starting price of Rs 5.55 lakh. The new Ford has seen some significant changes in the car that it replaces. Bookings for the car have commenced over the last few days across Ford dealerships in India for a minimum token deposit of Rs 11,000. The new Aspire looks significantly different from its predecessor with a new honeycomb grille up front along with a redesigned bumper in order to gain a fresher look. The car also gets new 15-inch alloy wheels that look sportier than before. Inside the cabin, the new 2018 Ford Aspire facelift gets a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system and it is the same unit that comes on the Ford Freestyle. Ford's new SYNC3 infotainment system supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This is Ford's third launch of the year, with a strong product offensive this year, can this new Aspire take the next step in bringing Ford back to its place front and centre of the Indian Automotive industry. Here are all the big highlights from the launch venue:

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    13:48 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire Launch, prices, specs and more!

    That's all we have for you from the launch, Express Drives signing off. 

    For more on the 2018 Ford Aspire check out our FULL LAUNCH REPORT HERE: 

    New 2018 Ford Aspire facelift launched in India at Rs 5.55 lakh: Exterior, interior, engine explained

    13:45 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Mahindra Partnership details emerge!

    Speaking on Ford's Partnership with Mahindra: 

    Chemistry with Mahindra has been great and we are making huge progress with this partnership. The 5 MoUs including developing B segment and C segment SUV is on track. We will announce more on this partnership soon.

    Anurag Mehrotra, MD, Ford India

    13:44 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire In Pictures: Climate Control has been delivered!

    Opposed to what we had expected, the Climate Control Feature has been added on the new Aspire, with an automatic climate control and an independent rear AC controller! 

    13:40 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire In Pictures

    With black accents to the beige interiors. The Aspire does look a lot more premium on the inside than the outgoing car. 

    13:32 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire In Pictures

    Like the EcoSport the Aspire, also get a floating type infotainment system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto connect for smartphones! 

    13:30 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire In Pictures

    The 2018 Ford Aspire also get 15-inch Wheels, as we had expected. While the alloys add a bit of flair, the up-sized wheels fill the recess' better. 

    13:28 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire In Pictures

    The Chrome Grill Sure adds some character to the otherwise bland Aspire! Without making it too blingy. 

    13:23 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Aspire Cost per KM

    According to Ford, the cost of running an Aspire petrol, aside from accidental cost,  are as little as Rs 38,320 for 10 lakh Kms. That's 38 paise a Km! 

    With a diesel motor, this cost goes up to 45,773. A little over 45 paise a Km. 

    13:12 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire launched in India: Prices start at Rs 5.55 lakh

    Ford has launched the Aspire at an introductory price of Rs 5.55 lakh.  Which is lower than the outgoing car, this is the edge that Ford needed in a packed marketplace to get ahead. Hopefully, this along with a strong set of features will ensure that the Aspire gets a strong edge over the competition. 

    13:08 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire Features and Safety

    Buyers will have an option for an automatic gearbox and can choose between both, 6-speed manual and torque converter AT

    More enhanced  features:

    - 6.3-inch touchscreen

    - Sync 3 on top variants

    - rain sensing wipers on top-rated variants

    - Dual airbags and ABS standard

    - 6-airbags on top variants

    13:07 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire Diesel Engine Specs and Mileage

    Engine Specs: 

      • 1.2 litre Dragon Series Petrol 
      • 99 hp Best in Class 
    • Diesel mileage26.1 kmpl
    13:04 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire Petrol Engine Specs and Mileage

    Engine Specs: 

      • 1.2 litre Dragon Series Petrol 
      • 95 hp Best in Class 
      • Petrol mileage20.4 kmpl
    13:01 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    First look at the 2018 Ford Aspire

    Ford has pulled the wraps on the new Aspire. The new Aspire is very spacious and the sub-4-meter rule does not mean it is compromised on space says Vinay Raina. 

    12:59 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford's take on the sub-compact sedan space and future growth

    Over 50% of product development for new models are done by Ford's India team. According to Ford  India estimates that the sub-compact sedan space will double the demand by 2020. The demand in this space will go up to over 8lakh cars annually. 

    12:53 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford India Ownership cost

    Ford's servicing in India is very affordable with all pricing being monitored online. Over 3,500 genuine retailers currently sell ford authentic parts

    12:52 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford India on localisation

    A process that started with 60-65% localisation on EcoSport in 2013. Now all cars have over 80% local content says Anurag Mehrotra, MD, Ford India. Continuing that Ford's servicing in India is very affordable with all pricing being monitored online.

    12:50 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire Launch

    Ford India believes that its success has come with the right products at competitive cost with effective scaling. This has helped the company to build a strong brand.  Our sales and service process have been revamped using deep customer incentives.

    Dedicated technical centre in Gurgaon, Sanand and Chennai has helped Ford Network to build cars as per customer needs

    12:49 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford India looks back at their time in the country!

    Ford's time in India has been marked by the sale of over 1 lakh cars,  over 5 lakh customers have been added to the Ford India Family in the last 5 years. The result for the company has meant Rs 22,000 crore in revenue of which Rs 7,000 crore is exclusively from domestic revenue.  

    12:47 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Launch Begins

    There we go! Ford India begins the proceeding of the 2018 Aspire! Anurag Mehrotra, MD, Ford India on stage

    12:36 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Ford Aspire

    The Stage is set for the launch stand by for more from the launch of the new Aspire! 

    12:29 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Quick Recap of what to expect:

    Ford Aspire Facelift Launch Tomorrow

    While we wait for the launch to get started here are a few details to look for on the new 2018 Ford  Aspire: 

      •  New 6.5-inch touchscreen SYNC3 infotainment system
      • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay 
      • No Climate Control 
      • 1.5 litre Diesel, 1.2 litre 3-Cyl Dragon Petrol 
      • Cruise control, automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers
    12:11 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Just a few moments away from the launch!

    We are on the ground at the launch. Stand by as more information continues to flow in! 

    12:07 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2019 Ford Aspire Automatic ?

    One of the more anticipated details from the launch of the new Ford Aspire is whether Ford will bite the bullet and bring the Aspire with an automatic gearbox. If they do offer an automatic alternative it is likely to feature with a 1.5-litre petrol motor. While the Dragon Petrol 1.2-litre motor and the 1.5-litre diesel are expected to be paired with a 5-Speed manual gearbox. 

    11:59 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2019 Ford Aspire Launch

    We will be bringing live action from the launch of the New Ford Aspire today! Don’t forget to tune in at 12:30 PM and catch all the excitement on your screens. #WhyFollowGo here: https://t.co/n0wQC6RxP1. pic.twitter.com/zmedRKum1y— Ford India (@FordIndia) October 4, 2018

    11:52 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2019 Ford Aspire Interiors

    Ford Aspire Facelift Launch Tomorrow

    On the interiors, while the new Aspire is likely to feature the same beige interior theme, one can expect a lot more in terms of features. Centring it all will be the new 6.5-inch touchscreen SYNC3 infotainment system. The new system is expected to offer some competition par features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity only on the top-of-the-line variant, almost every variant of the new compact-sedan will get a touchscreen-based infotainment system.  Other features that we expect to debut on 2019 Aspire include cruise control, automatic headlamps and rain-sensing wipers. We expect that the big miss on the Aspire to be climate control, which is pretty standard in the segment already, in comparison to the standard HVAC that the Aspire will debut with.

    11:41 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2019 Ford Aspire: Design Cues

    In the back,  the changes on the new bumper are cuts and creases, in addition to some chrome highlights that come together to make the Aspire look a lot less bulky. While the tail-lamp looks a lot like the car that it replaces. The creases on the bumper have been redesigned to make the lines between the two smoother, this adds some visual ease to the Aspire making it look more svelte than before despite the sinews. 

    11:33 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2019 Ford Aspire: What to Expect?
    Ford Aspire Facelift Launch Tomorrow

    With the new 2018 Aspire, Ford will be looking to add a bit of flair to what was up until this point quite a bland car. Don't expect drastic changes from the outgoing car, rather, the facelifted Aspire will bring new touches that are set to draw attention to the car.  A lot of features on the Aspire will come from the Freestyle that Ford launched earlier than this. Included as part of this is the new chrome grille which is slightly more protruding than the older car. The new car will also feature a wider air-dam, and C-shaped chrome inserts that accent the fog lamps. On the flanks, subtle tweaks continue with slightly wider ORVMs that add to the aesthetic appeal and should also allow for a slightly wider field of view. The Aspire will also get larger 15-inch multi-spoke wheels, this will help to remove those awkward looking wheel arch gaps and also add to the driving experience. 

    11:16 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Mahindra Partnership

    Ford and Mahindra have recently announced a partnership in India,  through this, both companies will seek to work on   Mobility programs, Connected vehicle projects and product development. The deal will also seek Ford to improve its reach in India and other emerging markets and help Mahindra to expand its footprints to other international markets

    11:08 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    2018 Through Ford's eyes

    It has been an interesting year for Ford in India. Starting with the launch of the new EcoSport, followed closely by the Ford Freestyle. Ford is presently on a strong product offensive to gain back relevance that it had last only tasted with the likes of the first EcoSport which started the Sub-Compact SUV segment. The Aspire and the Freestyle will now have to battle it out with an array of updated and all-new sedans an hatches in their respective segments that will include the i20 Active, the Maruti Dzire and the Hyundai Xcent 

    10:52 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Aspire Design

    Now the Aspire in India will share a lot of cues in terms of design with the Figo Sedan currently on sale in South Africa.   Interestingly, both cars are made in India. The only difference between the two is the fact that while the Figo on sale in SA is a standard sedan, the Aspire will be a sub-compact sedan under the 4 metre mark. 

    10:43 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Tweets from Ford India's official account ahead of the launch:

    Unmatched power, distinctive design and technology that keeps you miles ahead of the crowd. #WhyFollow when you can #Aspire for more.Join us for the launch of the New Ford Aspire tomorrow: https://t.co/L00BkkceU3. pic.twitter.com/pfSWhcVYrB— Ford India (@FordIndia) October 3, 2018

    10:41 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Aspire Expected Price

    Price wise expect the Ford Aspire to command a slight premium over the outgoing car, we estimate that starting prices for the new Aspire will be around Rs 6 lakh while top-variants might set you back by around Rs 9 lakh. Now, in an already crowded segment, a lot depends on the pricing in a market as price sensitive as this.  Stand-by as the prices are set to launch in a matter of a few hours. 

    10:19 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Aspire Engine Details

    We can safely expect the new Ford Aspire to be powered by the same 1.5-litre diesel motor as the outgoing car. This motor is likely to make power to the tune of 100 hp and 215 Nm of torque and will be mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Aside from this motor, expect the new Aspire to also benefit from Ford's dragon series motor, the 1.2-litre petrol like on the freestyle will make 96 hp and 120 Nm of torque. 

    10:14 (IST)04 Oct 2018
    Ford Freestyle Review

    The Aspire will share a lot of details with the Ford Freestyle that we drove earlier this year.  Watch our video review of the new Freestyle while you wait to get an idea of what to expect from the new Ford Aspire.