Shocking! Only 10-12% Toyota Innova Crystas are sold as taxi in India

Toyota sells specific grades of the Innova Crysta to the taxi segment and these come fitted with an ECU-governed speed limiting factor device.

By: | Published: December 2, 2019 9:58 AM

Well, the previous Innova was a hit and more often than not if you're someone at a good position, the office will definitely send it as a taxi for you. The private buyers too loved the vehicle and it was one complete family car. Enter the new Innova Crysta and while it is costlier than the older unit, there still are many takers. Both in the cab as well as personal segment. We checked with Toyota on how many units are sold each month to the taxi segment. Toyota confirmed that only a small 10-12% Crystas are sold as taxi in India. The waiting period varies based on demand situation and ranges anywhere between 15 to 60 days. Toyota says that their taxi Innova Crystas get a Speed Limiting Function (SLF) that is linked with the ECU of the vehicle. Since it is ECU-based, tampering with it is very difficult.

To our question if a customer wants a higher grade Crysta model as a taxi, Toyota says that there are certain variants that are available as taxi. These come with the SLF and hence it is recommended that customer buy these. However, were the customer to buy a higher model and then add a speed governor from outside, Toyota says that this could void his warranty. The Toyota spokesperson said, "Currently as per TKM’s warranty manual, warranty will not be valid on effected parts if any outside accessories / fitments are done, hence our recommendation to customers is to purchase vehicles with factory fitted SLFs."

Recently, Express Drives did a story on how you can buy a higher grade model and register it as taxi. To this, the Toyota spokesperson commented, "As per the Motor Vehicle Act, all taxi vehicles need to take fitness certificate from transport authorities on regular basis (normally yearly) where all regulation points are checked. We always recommend to all taxi customers to abide by all government regulations. To avoid such situation as described in your query we adopted the ECU-controlled company-fitted SLF route which is tamper proof and we thus do not recommend the aftermarket Speed Limiting Device (SLD) route. Toyota remains committed to safety and will continue to offer best-in-class safety technology through its products and promote safety culture in the society."

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