Your bike service center may be duping you: Here’s how!

Running a service center is sometimes even more profitable than running a dealership which sells new vehicles, and all the money flows in from the regular service customers!

By: | Updated: January 12, 2019 9:11 PM

The business of operating a bike/car service center is actually even more profitable than running a dealership that sells new bikes or cars. Which isn’t actually supposed to be this way, but there are many shady reasons why things are the way they are.

If you own a motorcycle, then you know the pain of visiting the service centers every 5 to 6 months (only if you care enough), because majorly all daily use motorcycles’ average service interval comes in around every 3000-4000 kilometers.

Visiting the service centers twice a year may look like a difficult task to do, but at the same time, it is also critically important to keep your vehicle up and running in its fittest state. But sometimes such timely or untimely visits may cost you an arm and a leg. Do give the report below a thorough read if you want to know the different ways your bike service center may be duping you!

  1. Unnecessary adds-ons-

Some service centers may add up certain things like oil additives and fuel-additives in the final bill which piles up the payable cost. In most of the cases, these additives are nothing but merely a way dupe you. Be clear about what’s going inside the vehicle, and ask the service center to only include things which are recommended as per the service manual book.

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  1. Fitting in already used parts-

Pay close attention when the mechanic works on your motorcycle. Check the new spare parts in close detail, and always stay near the motorcycle especially when it is on the service bay. The mechanic may fit in an already used spark plug, or an air-filter inside the bike which is nearly impossible to detect once it goes in. And hence keep your senses on alert when your bike is getting serviced.

  1. Unjustified labor cost –

Labor cost is the charge levied on the final service bill for the number of hours and the physical effort your mechanic has put on the motorcycle. The more physical work your bike needs, the heavier cost you’ll need to pay. This cost may sound like it’s a fixed charge but it really isn’t. You can always request the service center to give you a discount on the labor charges and in most of the cases this cost can be brought down by as much as 50%. So the next time if you think you are overpaying the labor charge, you will know what to do.

  1. Unnecessary spare parts replacement –

Replacing the parts which are not necessary at the first place is ‘easy money’ for a service center. Parts such as clutch plates, air filter, oil filter, engine oil, chain set and spark plugs are the bike parts which needs replacement more often than anything else on a bike. Go through your the service manual book to know about spare parts and their lifetimes. And only ask for the replacement when the bike really needs it.

Please note: Staying updated about your bike’s warranty and the policy which covers certain spare parts can prove to be fruitful. Go through the warranty manual and know the details of the warranty period and the related terms and conditions.

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