World’s fastest ambulance but two wheels short: Meet the Ambucycle!

The world fastest ambulance is infact a two-wheeler that can quickly navigate through even the densest city traffic to reach the patient fastest, here's how this particular system allows patients to receive medical attention in less than 3 minutes of calling the ambulance!

By: | Published: November 8, 2018 4:37 PM


As populations in the world continue to rise, and bumper to bumper traffic snarls are the breakfast of every emerging city worldwide, the Ambucycle is turning out to be the flagbearer of the future. The truth is, it's not the ambulance itself that is important in a medical emergency, it is the paramedics that will require to be there to provide first aid to the patient that is paramount in saving lives. The paramedics are usually bound to large ambulances that often have to navigate their way through busy city traffic to get to the patient. In that sense, the Ambucycle; seems to be the solution of the day, especially when applied through Eli Beers’ unique system. He says this makes him the fastest ambulance in the world.

While 2018 saw many states in India implement the Ambucycle first responders, Eli employs a slightly different method to make his ambucycle the most efficient. Through his method, he trains volunteers to operate the ambucycle and add to that 3 months of intense paramedic training. Once the training is done, volunteers’ head out of his facility and back to their usual life albeit on their own personal ambucycle. When in need, patients call into his facility where the phone is always answered within 3 rings of the receiver. Step two, in this process, is the volunteer receiving the phone call checking as to the patient's location and identifying an Ambucycle operator that is closest to the patient in need. The rider is then expected to drop everything that he is doing and take the call, rushing to the aid of the patient. Once he reaches the spot, the volunteer (who is also a trained paramedic) then administers critical first aid until a transportation ambulance reaches the scene. This entire process through Eli’s unique system takes less than 3 minutes after the patient places the emergency call.

Eli believes that everyone deserves a fair chance, irrelevant of their social strata, caste, creed or even religion. He takes immense pride that his ambucycle operations are a presentation of people with a wide range of religious beliefs and backgrounds. Watch the video above to see how effective this can be in real life. Meanwhile, in our own country, the ambucycle is a fast-growing phenomenon with Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala already employing their own fleet of motorcycle ambulances in which the riders double up as the first responders. This not only helps the ambulance clear traffic but also helps Medicaid to reach remote locations to provide medical support.

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