What is Yamaha Training Academy and National Technician Grand Prix?: Here is our one-day experience with the answer!

The Yamaha Training Academy (YTS) trains thousands of technicians every year. Top technicians selected in the National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) represent the country at international level. India currently the only one to have won the world title more than a single time.

By: | Updated: November 28, 2017 9:33 AM

Yamaha Motor India has been conducting its National Technician Grand Prix (NTGP) since the year 2010. Since then, the company has been organising this event every year and has been constantly witnessing a growth in the number of participants. The NTGP is a platform by the company to motivate its technicians and also identify their skills. The technicians who win at the NTGP get a chance to represent India at international level at the World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP) that is hosted biennially in Japan. Yamaha managed to enter the WTGP competition in the year 2012 and has won the title a couple of times after that, in 2014 and 2016 editions, thereby becoming the only country to clinch the title more than a single time. We at Express Drives were invited to be a part of the announcement of 8th edition of NTGP. This year's contest saw the addition of two new categories viz Service Manager Grand Prix and Parts Manager Grand Prix.

After the briefing and extending us the knowledge about the National Technician Grand Prix, the group of journalists were taken to the actual training area where the partcipants were going through different tasks. First one was the trouble shooting one in which the participants had to find out the problem in the bike, which in today's case was that it was not starting up. The timing for this task was limited to 15 minutes. Another key part of the NTGP contest was the customer interaction in which a group of judges decide whether a participant is able to deal with a customer and gain customer satisfaction.

After done with it, the group made its move towards the noise test in which the participants were given a sample engine, chassis and handlebar with the motor making more noise than a normal one. In this, the person had to first classify whether it is a cluttering noise or humming noise and then eliminate the extra noises coming from the engine within 15 minutes. Another task included a warehouse set up in which knowledge of positioining of parts of the particpants was tested and under this, they also had to maintain the records. So, the overall NTGP contest is divided into three key areas of quality repair, quick repair and economical repair.

Yamaha Motor India has also set up a separate unit inside the training academy to guide and train its technicians in a simpler and unique way. The set up consists of simplified wiring layouts of different vehicles along with two-wheeler journals published in different languages. Under the initiative of Yamaha Training School (YTS), the company has also joined hands with Government of India for affordable eductaion and help the technicians set up their own shops if they want to.

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