Weirdest,most wacky motorcycle modifications that will make you wonder ‘Why!’

Harley-Davidson motorcycle with giant ape handlebar and one that’s dipped in chrome. Makes you wonder, ‘what were the owners thinking,’ doesn’t it? The yearn for being different and unique is quite high in these, all we can do is sit back and chuckle.

By: | Updated: June 14, 2018 12:28 PM

Enthusiasm for motorcycles can be understood in the different things riders expect from their trusty stallions. While some like long-distance touring, some like to scrape their knee sliders on race tracks. Then there are some who like grit and gravel under the wheels, and believe it or not, some just want to cruise through the city with the sole purpose of looking cool. There's another kind which grabs a lot of attention - not for how good they are on their bike, but for how they've managed to ruin the motorcycle. These folks actively invest their time and money into creating hateful abominations. We'll never know why they do that, but we can have a laugh over it.

To begin with, there's this gentleman. The massive ape handlebar is eye-catchy, but why! Apparently, there are videos on the Internet of him riding that 'thing', but how does he manage to steer the motorcycle is beyond us. Not to mention, the stupendous pain the arms will feel after riding this visually repelling machine.

Well, this one has not tampered with the ride or comfort of his Harley like the first one did, and in his defence, bike manufacturer's are making use of a lot of chrome of cruisers. But this guy decided to dip his bike in a tank full of chrome. This image was perhaps taken in shade, but under the sun, staring at this motorcycle will definitely burn your cornea.

He either loves bison or hates them, but either way, we're not sure if he killed one to put over his motorcycle as a symbol of affection of triumphant over an enemy. Whether you're a good rider or not won't matter if you have bison skin and head on your motorcycle as it'll be impossible to look good. However, there may be a problem with the smell of burning hair.

Artist Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn is popular in Thailand for his metal sculptures. But might we say that he shouldn't really have turned his attention and talent to motorcycles and the world would've remained better off without the alien bike. The fact that it isn't just art is what worries us because you don't want to imagine what happens if you hit someone or something with it. It's a pedestrian safety nightmare!

Joining two motorcycles isn't a new fad and they did it in the 1970s as well and bolting two motorcycles together gave us some interesting looking trikes. But someone did it the other way around. Took two chopper springer front forks and attached them to a trike rear end, resulting in four-wheels. It'll be steady and comfortable in a straight line but you might think about your life decisions when the first curve comes.

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