TVS Ronin 225 India Launch Highlights: Specs, Images, Variants, Colours, Features, Price

TVS Ronin 225 Scrambler Launch in India, On Road Price, Specs, Features Highlights: TVS Motor Company has launched an all-new motorcycle called Ronin. This versatile product is aimed at giving customers a new experience.

TVS Ronin 225 India Launch Highlights: Specs, Images, Variants, Colours, Features, Price

TVS Ronin 225 Scrambler Price in India Highlights: TVS Ronin is an all-new motorcycle from the homegrown manufacturer and has been launched at a starting price of Rs 1.49 lakh (ex-showroom). The bike is available in three trims – single tone, dual-tone and triple tone.

The TVS Ronin comes with a 225.9cc, single-cylinder, oil-cooled engine that is good for 20bhp of peak power and 19.9Nm of peak torque. The engine has been tuned to provide a flat torque curve and plenty of meat in the low and mid-range. As a result of this, TVS claims that riders will not have to shift as often. The engine comes mated to a 5-speed gearbox with slip and assist clutch.

TVS Ronin triple tone

TVS Ronin 225 Scrambler Launch in India Highlights: On Road Price, Specifications, Interior/Exterior Features, Photos, Mileage, Reviews Live Updates

Apart from the colour difference, the three trims also differ in terms of the ABS setup. The base and mid trims get single-channel ABS while the top trim comes with dual-channel ABS. This bike also comes with two ABS modes – Urban and Rain. All models come with a 300mm disc brake at the front and a 240mm disc at the back. You also get 9-spoke, 17-inch alloy wheels at both ends that are shod with tubeless tyres. The tyres have a block pattern and were specifically developed for Ronin.

TVS Ronin instrument cluster while riding

The digital, single-pod instrument cluster comes with connectivity feature and even has support for voice commands. TVS Ronin also comes with a high ground clearance of 181mm and a seat height of 795mm. At the front is a circular LED headlamp while a sleek LED taillight can be seen at the back. It also comes with sleek LED turn indicators that compliment the rest of the bike.

Live Updates
18:32 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
That is all for now!

Thank you for joining us today for the launch of the TVS Ronin. Be sure to go through our website for more updates on the TVS Ronin and many other products in the market.

18:28 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A unique package

To make the Ronin a unique offering, TVS is offering a range of accessories for it. Customers can kit their bikes with adjustable levers, saddle bags, tank grips, visor and more.

18:22 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
The Ronin lifestyle

TVS has also launched a range of apparel to go along with the Ronin. This includes riding jackets, gloves and helmets.

17:43 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Sleek tail lamp

At the back of the TVS Ronin is a sleek LED tail lamp that looks rather stylish.

17:32 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Hello TVS Ronin

Say hello to the new TVS Ronin in the Delta Blue colour scheme.

17:28 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Prices are out!

TVS is offering the Ronin in three ranges with the base monotone models costing Rs 1.49 lakh, dual-tone models costing Rs 1.56 lakh and the triple-tone model with dual-channel ABS at Rs 1.69 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom).

17:23 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin instrument cluster

TVS Ronin gets a feature-loaded digital instrument cluster that even supports voice commands. The bike supports connected features as well. One can get call and message alerts on the bike's instrument cluster and there is also a USB charger for added convenience.

17:16 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
First-in-segment ISG

The TVS Ronin is the first motorcycle in its segment to come with an integrated starter generator (ISG) that facilitates a smooth and silent start.

17:14 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A smart headlamp unit

TVS has also worked hard on equipping the Ronin with a capable headlamp unit. It has been tested by the company to produce a higher intensity beam than the competition while not being too distracting for other people on the road.

17:11 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Two riding modes

TVS Ronin comes with two ABS modes – Urban and Rain. These two modes tweak the way the ABS kicks in when you press the brakes. The rain mode tightens up the response from the ABS system for added safety in slippery conditions.

17:08 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin suspension and tyres

TVS has equipped the Ronin with 41mm USD forks at the front and a gas-charged monoshcok at the back. The company even designed a new tyre for the Ronin to suit its characteristics.

17:05 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A new chassis

The Ronin rides on an all-new chassis with a 50/50 split in the centre of gravity.

17:01 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Lesser gear changes with TVS Ronin

TVS has tuned the Ronin to have enough output in the low and mid-range so as to facilitate fewer gear shifts. Many riders will appreciate this, especially when riding for extended durations of time.

16:56 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Ready for long journeys

TVS has focused on giving the engine of the Ronin a flat torque curve and tuned the exhaust to deliver a unique sound. The bike has a claimed top speed of 120kmph

16:54 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin engine specs

Here are details related to the engine powering the new TVS Ronin. It is a 225.9cc, single-cylinder unit that is good for 20bhp of peak power and 19.93Nm of peak torque.

16:49 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Name confirmed!

As had been revealed in the leaks before, the new product will indeed be called TVS Ronin. It is a new brand that the company will be launching today.

16:47 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
What drives the new TVS Ronin

Here are some of the attributes of the new TVS Ronin. It is going to be feature loaded and have an identity of its own.

16:43 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Say hello to Vimal Sumbly

Vimal Sumbly, head of premium two-wheeler business, TVS takes on the stage to talk about the research that the company did while trying to come up with their latest product.

16:39 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
And so the launch begins

The launch of the newest TVS motorcycle begins with a word from Sudarshan Venu, MD TVS Motor Company.

16:30 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin 225 braking setup

The braking setup of the Ronin 225 will consist of a large disc brake at the front and a smaller one at the back. Dual-channel ABS would be present as well. However, it would be interesting to see if the company give the ability to switch off the rear ABS or not.

16:23 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Launch timing shifted

Looks like the launch timing has been shifted by 30 minutes. Initially, the livestream was scheduled to start at 4 PM, which now has been shifted to 4:30 PM.

16:15 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Ronin 225 on BTO?

TVS has hinted that the Ronin 225 would have customisation options. We suspect that the bike could be the second TVS offering to be available on the company's Built-To-Order (BTO) platform. Being a scrambler, the Ronin could be a great fit for BTO and come with loads of customisation options, be it cosmetic or functional.

16:10 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin expected price

The TVS Apache RTR 200 4v with dual-channel ABS costs Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom). We expect the Ronin, with its slightly bigger engine and more kit to costs around Rs 1.75 lakh (ex-showroom).

16:02 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin 225 launch about to begin

The wait is almost over. Launch proceedings are about to begin shortly. Stay tuned for more updates!

16:00 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A unique headlamp

TVS Ronin sports a circular headlamp up-front and has a T-shaped element inside. The T-shape has been rather prominent in all teasers related to the bike and it would be interesting to see how good the design looks when seen on the roads.

15:52 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A new engine?

TVS currently does not employ a 225cc engine in any of their bikes in India. The Ronin could come with a single-cylinder 225cc motor that is either new or an enhanced version of the one seen in the Apache RTR 200 4v. We expect the power and torque outputs to sit around 19bhp and 20Nm, respectively.

15:40 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
TVS Ronin 225 instrument cluster

An interesting detail about the TVS Ronin 225 would be the floating, single pod instrument cluster it has. We suspect this to be a fully digital unit with support for Bluetooth connectivity.

15:30 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Treading into the unknown

We can also see that the TVS Ronin comes with alloy wheels at both ends. From the looks of it, both could be 17-inch units and get dual-purpose rubber as seen on many other scramblers.

15:16 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
A comfortable ride

There is a single-piece seat on the TVS Ronin that should provide enough space for two adults. At the back is also a grab rail for the passenger to hold onto. The footpegs and handlebars seem to be in a fairly neutral position as well.

15:07 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
USD front forks

One can see golden USD forks at the front and there will be a monoshock at the back. These front forks could be the same 41mm units seen on the Apache RR 310. One could also expect to see the option of preload adjustment in the rear shocker.

14:54 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
First look of TVS Ronin

A leaked image shared by Shreyas Sreedhar gave us the first glimpse of what the Ronin would look like. Before this image was shared, it was suspected that the product to be showcased today would be the Zeppelin cruiser

14:32 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
Scrambling for more

We have seen a lot more action in the scrambler segment recently. Royal Enfield launched their Scram 411 while Yezdi has the aptly named Scrambler. Now we are also getting the TVS Ronin 225, another affordable scrambler.

14:03 (IST) 6 Jul 2022
In a new direction!

TVS currently has commuter motorcycles, naked motorcycles and even a faired one. However, the company does not have a cafe racer or scrambler style product so far. With Ronin, the company would be looking to change that.

13:32 (IST) 6 Jul 2022

Good day, dear reader! Sit tight as we will be updating this page with the latest information related to the TVS Ronin 225 launch event and share details of the product as well.