TVS Apache ridden by ghost? Watch chilling video of the bike riding and turning without a rider!

A video of a TVS Apache running without a rider has emerged and the incident has taken place on a busy road in Kolkata at midnight. We are not certain that there is any paranormal activity involved and this can also be an edited work or an accident in which the rider has fallen.

By: | Updated: March 27, 2018 11:06 AM
TVS Apache without a rider in Kolkata TVS Apache without a rider

A TVS Apache is seen riderless on the roads of Kolkata. The incident has been captured through a CCTV and it has been shared on Facebook by multiple pages out of which one is called Ghost, Paranormal and other Weird Worlds. According to the footage, the incident took place at 11:55 PM on 16th of January, 2018. Now, the timing may definitely freak you out, especially if you believe in ghosts and paranormal activities. The incident of the TVS Apache running without a rider has happened on a busy road next to a petrol pump. The chilling video has garnered over 4 lakh views on Facebook till now. No clarification regarding the video has been released as of now. We are not saying with surety that the video is a result of such abnormal activity. It might be possible that the bike must have met an accident leaving the rider behind and proceeding ahead due to the momentum.

Watch the chilling video here:

There have been multiple videos on the internet on such accidents that show how a motorcycle runs for a few hundred metres and hence, the possibility of such a case cannot be ruled out. Also, as the internet has become a platform for gaining immense popularity and views are something nowadays that everyone wants in good numbers on his or her videos, this can also be an edited work. There is also a healthy possibility that some video expert must have used his or her skills to use the video to freak out people.

Several videos have emerged in the past that at first, look like that having an involvement of spirits but later on, turned out to be completely fake. The TVS Apache footage can also be one of that and if not, we wish you have a good sleep tonight.

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