Three TVS 125cc motorcycles that are now discontinued: Victor, Flame and Phoenix

Nearly all of TVS' 125cc motorcycles were a sales disaster and this could be the primary reason why the company isn't coming back to this lucrative segment.

By: | Updated: September 19, 2019 5:26 PM

Just today, TVS launched a "sportier" version of its NTorq 125cc scooter. Come to think of it. Its been only a year since the NTorq was launched and TVS has managed to move more than four lakh units. It is a given that this NTorq Race Edition too will be lapped up by the public. Did you know that the NTorq is the only 125cc offering that TVS has in India? Surprising, isn't it. The company though has earlier played in this field with its motorcycles. These motorcycles had a not-so memorable run and it is something that even the company wants us to forget. Try searching 125cc TVS motorcycles on Google and you will know what we mean.Nonetheless, here are three motorcycles that TVS built and discontinued them just a couple of years post launch.


TVS Victor 125

The Victor was quite a popular brand name between 2002-2008. No wonder that the company decided to reintroduce the nameplate later in 2015. However, the Victor 125 is a motorcycle that was launched in 2004 and was discontinued around 2007. The motorcycle boasted a 125cc engine that made by AVL under license for TVS Motors. 10hp/9.8Nm was what this motor produced. The engine was mated to a 4-speed gearbox with an all-up shifting pattern. TVS used to claim 70kmpl fuel efficiency, however users reported around 51kmpl. The motorcycle had cold start issues, especially in winter. There was no electric start option and at a later stage, the front disc brake variant was launched. The motorcycle used to retail for Rs 48,000, ex-showroom before being discontinued.


TVS Flame SR125

The TVS Flame SR125 was projected as a premium offering compared to the Victor 125. This meant an attractive styling that TVS referred to as Deltaedge. Not only this, the Flame also had CCVT-i technology that boasted an improvement in performance. Speaking of which, the Flame was supposed to be the company's first twin-spark plug-enabled motorcycle. However, it got embroiled in a legal battle with Bajaj Auto and hence couldn't use it. The Flame could also be ordered with fuel injection. At a later stage, TVS did introduce a dual spark plug version. However, it was too late for this 2008-launched motorcycle and sales had trickled down to nothing. The Flame 125 had a 10.5PS/10.4Nm engine mated to a 4-speed gearbox. Prices of the Flame started at Rs 51,000, ex-showroom.


TVS Phoenix 125

The Flame was discontinued because TVS wanted to start on a fresh slate. This brought in the Phoenix 125. The Phoenix was the smallest in size, visually when compared with both the Flame as well as the Victor. It had a semi-digital instrument console, came in both disc as well as drum versions and was light on its feet too. The Phoenix was one of the best 125s TVS made because it was very fuel efficient. I remember using one for a year and the motorcycle never disappointed me on the efficiency bit. It used to give around 55kmpl. However, its puny size did it in plus the lack of marketing from TVS' end. The motorcycle made 11hp and 10.8Nm. The gearbox continued to be a 4-speeder and this was one motorcycle that actually needed a fifth cog too. It was priced at Rs 53,000, ex-showroom.

Did we miss out on any other TVS 125cc bikes here? If yes, do let us know.

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